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The Sound

The real sound that pulls us out of our body comes from within ourselves which in the wakeful state is at the eye center. When that sound pulls us we lose awareness of right ear or left ear as we ascend to a higher state of consciousness where we get actual experiences of our Astral self. The resounding bell sound does not come from any side. It is a sound that surrounds us because it is coming from within us. Many people have been trapped into listening to the sound from the right ear which does not have that pull and is at best just a practice sound. But extended meditation even with practice sounds or with Simran/Mantra alone have given people several dreamlike experiences which they mistake as higher experiences! Such experiences have not led them to the Radiant Form of the Master or true Astral Region which is and looks more real than the Physical experience! Always go by your own experience and not by anybody else’s experience. Continue your meditation with love and devotion and withdraw your attention to the eye center which is the gateway to higher experiences

"I am a disciple of the Great Master Hazoor Maharaj Baba Sawan Singh Ji and have tried to live by his teachings. Whatever I am doing today is my Seva to my Master. I have been with many Masters in my life and have great respect and reverence for all Masters who teach that the Way to Truth is within you. All Masters can help you to go up to the level of higher consciousness that they themselves have realized. We must keep meditating with love and devotion till we come in steady contact with the Radiant Form of the Master. Our true Spiritual journey then starts in the company of the Master who takes us as far as he has gone!..

Death destroys the physical body but not the astral body which contains the same mind and the same soul that was in the dead physical body.

Death is predetermined both with regard to time and place.

The timings of death for different people are different because of their different Karmas.

Sometimes there is premonition of death specially with people who practice meditation.

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