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Master's words

You have to walk with Me, with My spirit, with My radiation. Receive My radiation first, then you can enjoy every radiation with right understanding and without being submerged and drowned in the current of attraction and repulsion they call Maya

Q. When can one get initiated?

The Great Master.s Initiation is granted when He determines the seeker is ready for it. The Initiations take place once a year on Bhandara day, April 2nd.

Q. I have a question of Karm In Your book “The Anatomy of Consciousness”, You state that once a PLM initiates us, He liberates us from the Law of Karm The only karma that remains is mock karm My question, Master, was does an initiated individual who commits a certain crime or good deed receive the same karmic punishment or reward after he dies and goes in the astral plane from the Master as he would from Dharam Rai?

When a Perfect Living Master Initiates someone Dharam Rai gets out of the way. The Master decides if a further life is needed or not and also fixes appropriate events in that life so that the learning process continues. Ishwar Puri

Q. I have a lot of external desires which takes my attention away from the path.

Sustained meditation with more physical exercise will help. The real solution lies in getting great and pleasurable inner experiences in meditation whereby outside interests and desires subside by themselves. Ishwar Puri

Q. Hello Mahraj Ishwar Puri Ji, I have met my spiritual master only 2 weeks who said that everything is going to be fine I need to live in the present, forget the past, be positive and have 100 % faith. Please can you advise me on how i can build on the last point. Lots of negative questions go on in my head, for instance, is this is a way of giving a blessing then leaving.

Your question should in fact be addressed to your Spiritual Master because you are seeking clarification on what he said! I believe faith is very necessary for Spiritual progress. If you start with doubt how will you make Spiritual progress? With love and regards, Ishwar Puri

Q. I am an initiate of Sant Ajaib Singh Ji, and was raised a Satsangi. Growing up I went through a period of being agnostic you could say. But recently, I have been drawn back towards the ways of the mystics by studying Hermeticism and the ancient mystery schools. What connection would you say exists between the 2 traditions?

Originally there was not much difference between the two traditions. Both believed that the Ultimate Truth could be found only within ourselves and what was outside was a mere reflection of what was within. But with time and errors of translation and miss interpretation by some scholars attention began to be placed on different ritualistic practices of the two traditions. The Perfect Living Masters have kept the original intent intact in their teachings and recommended practices. I am glad the “agnostic” is returning to his Spiritual roots. Ishwar Puri

Q. 1) When the Sound becomes constant at all times, day and night, without even plugging the ears – what is it’s true meaning and significance. Further, at what particular plane does it become constant ?

Q. 2) Ever since the Sound became constant, interest in this world with it’s attachments and desires, has undergone a severe erosion. However, the concomitant part of this is the decreased ability to handle day to day challenges of life. Prior to this, when desires for the world reigned supreme, one was motivated to perform in order to achieve. Now with desire for things of this world disappearing fast, how can one still manage to live a reasonably successful life for the remainder balance of life on the earth plane? Did the great Master ever postulate on this critical subject.

The constant sound can appear as early as the attention gathering around the third eye. However the constant sound keeps changing as we move up from level to level of higher Consciousness! As the attention gets more and more attached to the Sound one experiences more and more of detachment from this world. In these circumstances in order to perform worldly duties efficiently one must consider performance of such duties as Seva (service) to one’s Master. Love and regards, Ishwar Puri

Q. I have grown up loving science and having such an analytic mind I have not really paid much attention to dreams, though these dreams were very distinct … can you please tell me whether I should give value to these dreams or should I just accept them for what they were when I witnessed them? Is there any significance?

Thanks for writing to me about your dreams and about your analytical mind. I can identify with you because I have been through the same phase in my early life. I intellectualized everything and tried to understand Spirituality as a set of well organized concepts. It took me some years to discover that this was a precise but totally experiential science. Of course dreams mean something. They can be prophetic, or symbolic or curtain raisers to one’s own Consciousness ! They can also be recalling past life events in a modern setting.Very clear lucid and colorful dreams have much greater significance than monocolor ones the latter being generally a carry over of the days thoughts and activities.It is the function of the mind to create doubts but it is the power of the soul to overcome them and build faith!

Q. Please explain why is it that sages like Ramana Mahirishi don.t seem to have the idea of various inner planes {astral causal}? they just say enquire into the nature of your own consciousness and as you progress the mind simply drops away, merges back with consciousness and with that moment, time and space ends….and only the soul, or consciousness remains and that.s it! No traveling through various regions.

Very few Mystics have described the Inner regions or levels of Consciousness because firstly it is not easy to describe something so different from our experiences on the physical plane and secondly they want to avoid giving any suggestions which could be played out in dream like states and be misunderstood as real higher awareness! Mystics who do describe those regions do it in allegorical form and constantly remind their followers not to take all descriptions literally! They also recommend that meditation be done under guidance of a Living Master who monitors your progress and lets you know exactly where you are going. You are right that all Inner experiences up to Trikuti, which is the Upper Limit of the mind’s realm, are created by the mind. But you should also be aware that so are all physical experiences which we take as absolutely real. Ishwar Puri

Q. I waste a lot of time thinking about sex. Watch stuff on the net. Been trying to kick it off for years now (honestly). I do meditate also, but I could do so much more..

Sustained meditation with more physical exercise will help. The real solution lies in getting great and pleasurable inner experiences in meditation whereby outside interests and desires subside by themselves. Ishwar Puri

Q. I find myself fighting to believe in God, which is something that isn’t too unusual. I recall you saying that if we have no desire for the things of this world that we are on a good tract to find God. I do not want the materials do this world, I want truth, and to know and experience that truth daily. Can you show me an experience?

Don’t fight too hard. Relax and have faith. Fighting hard or struggling too much itself becomes a barrier to Inner experiences. Love and regards, Ishwar Puri

Q. I have been following the spirituality for a long time, almost 20 years – under no direct guidance. I also meditate.

Q. Is it possible to determine the level that I have obtained and the region that I have reached? Am I still at the very beginning?

Q. Do I need a Master? Why? Is it possible for Baba Sawan Singh to directly guide me, since I don’t have a strong connection with most of the living Masters?

If somebody has a strong affinity for another person it is generally because of a past association. How far one has advanced in the inner spiritual journey can only be found out by going within and recalling previous experiences. One of the important signs of a Perfect Living Master is his unconditional love which does not change with time nor with changed circumstances.Our human mind being what it is no real progress can be made without a Master. Further to go beyond the mind it is essential to be guided by a Perfect Living Master. Ishwar Puri

Q. If you can’t experience anything but you just sit there for meditation just because your master told you to do so and you have strong believe that your master is a perfect living master and you believe that whatever he says is true what do you call this, a blind faith and or what?

Yes that would be considered blind faith! Ishwar Puri

Q. Questions on Sach Khand, Dissolution, CD, Duality, Karmic result etc….

The question is too long. Â Master’s answer is enlightening
Even if you have seen Stars moon etc. as an Initiate in a past life you have to start afresh in the present life and go through the same course again.

  • All souls in the current Creation came from Sach Khand in two installments and in Dissolution and Grand Dissolution the same souls held in Upper Part of Parbrahm recirculate. Those that have reached Sach Khand do not recirculate unless they wish to.
  • The principle of Duality was created to enhance the experience of Consciousness and applies to all parts of Creation. It is the same as the principle of Pairs of Opposites. When we return home to Sach Khand which is beyond the regions of Duality the principle still applies as it is a region opposite to Duality. The souls in Sach Khand who never left their home, known as “Bans”, enjoy an inherent bliss and joy which is part of Consciousness itself but it is nothing compared to the Bliss and Joy of the returning souls who are known as “Hans”
  • Souls with no PLM on Dissolution stay in the upper part of Trikuti. On Grand Dissolution they stay in Parbrahm.
  • Everything is totally preordained and prescripted. But in human form the script reads as if we are making choices and have free will?.
  • How to please the Master is also prescripted.
    Now answers to second set of questions:
  • Love and Devotion is more important than Simran and if you have love and devotion for the Master you need not worry about Simran.
    If you follow Master’s instructions as best as you can Love and Devotion will develop by itself.
  • Changing of Karma by meditation is also preordained and prescripted.
  • Pain and reduction of pain by taking medicine or going to hospital are all preordained!


Q. Its regarding free will: You said in one of your discourses, that on the astral level there is no experience of free will. People will know all in advance. That means they know their total future at any time there? They will know at any second, what they will do next, and know that all is prescripted ? How can that be….in some books I have studied, people were reporting from the astral plane, and even in those books of the Theosophical literature, I found nothing like beings know their whole life in advance. They act and think like we do here on earth, and they do not know at all, what will happen in a few minutes, or next week. Its also said in those books, that the beings there will have the option to make progress in the it spiritual development. That.s only possible with the ignorance of the future, and with the illusion of free will, otherwise they cannot make progress, its all prescripted already. Please let me know, where I have misunderstandings about the subject of free will on the astral and causal plane.

Let me answer your last question first. The prescripted versions of our destiny is different on different planes.On the physical plane the prescripted destiny can be altered by divine intervention but such intervention will be already prescripted in the Astral plane. The prescripted life on the Astral plane to which one gets full access and thereby loses the experience of free will can also be altered by Divine Intervention but such Intervention will already be prescripted in the Causal plane. Similarly the Akashik records in the Causal plane can be altered by a Perfect Living Master but such alteration can also be known to a disciple who has crossed the three regions of the mind and gone to Parbrahm. In Sachkhand everything can be prewritten by a Perfect Living Master as that is the Source of all creation and of all levels of experiences. Now the other questions: The game of Creator Creation is a permanent one. As there is no time or space in Sachkhand the term “forever” is redundant there. Hence our mental effort to place events of Sachkhand in a time frame is futile. There is no beginning or ending in Sachkhand! Souls are trapped in different regions for ever. The upper part of Parbrahm is indeed a part of Sachkhand but Mahasunn experienced after Parbrahm is destroyed in the Grand Dissolution along with the Lower part of Parbrahm. The souls trapped in Mahasunn stay dormant in the Upper Part of Parbrahm till fresh wave of Creation in time and space comes into being. If one has love and devotion it is not necessary to see and cross the sun and the moon and the stars. One can cross that region blind folded. The two Wills I mention are to distinguish between mental will and Intuitive will on the Physical plane. It is just a way of avoiding the creation of more Karma by sticking to Intuitive Will. It also helps in clarity of mind and a smoother life. Love and regards, Ishwar Puri

Q. I am initiated in Sant Mat since 7 years. I am also professor like you, but I must say I am not so positive about Path like you are. Maybe due to I am not born as Indian. My life after is compose with depression, accidents, divorces and very difficult material life. No money etc…So I am loosing faith in Master and Path as on start…..Please do reply me what is your comment about these…

Many difficulties and adversities in life come from our own actions of past lives. These heavy Karmas sometimes make it difficult to meditate and get all the advantages of the Spiritual Path. In fact with so many painful experiences the mind cannot have much faith in the Path. So we get into a catch 22 situation where we need faith to have spiritual experiences and spiritual experiences to build faith. My suggestion in all such cases is go to your Master, explain the situation and ask for GRACE! and more GRACE! Ishwar Puri

Q. Sir, pardon me if I go harsh in words, but if there is such a illusion of Sachkhand at very place inside, and person can’t himself judge at what place he’s actually, then how can you say that the place you are talking about is actually Sachkhand?

I am very happy someone has asked a very good question. When one ascends different levels of Consciousness which are like different levels of Creation, each one looks like the final one and so a disciple on his own cannot go any further and considers that state to be Sach Khand our True Home. If his Master has gone no further he will also declare it as Sach Khand. A Perfect Living Master who has Himself Realised the true Sach Khand will urge and carry his disciple to the fifth level of Real Sach Khand. The distinction between different levels can only be truly seen from above. But it can be explained to some extent by understanding the nature of Time (called Kal in Hindi) which is totally different at different stages. In the physical world we take time for granted as something that must exist for any experience to take place and is uniformly moving in one direction creating a past, present and future framework which we consider as inevitable and permanent ! Here we cannot stop time and freeze events. In the next higher plane called the Astral plane (Suksham avastha) we can do so. Hence the experience is entirely different. In the next higher plane we call the Causal plane (Karan avastha) time moves in both directions and so the experiences there, which is the true home of the Individuated Mind and of all Akashik records which constitute all possible permutations and combinations of destinies in any form in the three worlds of Time (Kal), are entirely different. Above that in the state of the Soul or Individuated Consciousness (Arma) which is beyond and above the Mind there is no Time as we know it but a state of Timelessness from which Time is created for the lower levels, a state we call Parbrahm, that is beyond Brahm the Creator of the three universes of Time. Sach Khand our True Home is above and beyond Parbrahm and totally beyond intellectual or mental comprehension! The human mind can only function in time and space so the experience (which itself is now not a very correct word) in Sach Khand is of Pure Totality of Consciousness where Oneness and Manyness become the same. Only a Perfect Living Master who has attained that state can take his Initiates there. Indeed His guaranteed promise at the time of Initiation makes it certain that He will take us there. If we follow the instructions of a Perfect Living Master we can achieve that state in this life time of ours. Ishwar Puri

Q. When a Master of truth leaves the body, where does this leave the disciple? Is the contact broken, is the disciple on his own, who supports his effort? Does he just carry on with what he can remember, where does he go for help and support? The Master takes out a contract on the disciple to take him to Sach Kand, but now the contract seems dead. Where does the disciple turn?

When a Perfect Living Master Initiates a disciple, who is on his last life on the physical plane, He establishes a permanent relationship that never breaks even if the Initiate takes thousands of physical years to reach Sach Khand. The Radiant Astral Form of that Master remains with the Initiate for ever!!! Â Â If this is not the last life of the Initiate and he has to have another birth in the physical plane, then the Perfect Living Master in the last life is the One to stay with that disciple for ever. Of course if a disciple has not manifested the Radiant Form of the Master before the Master leaves his body such a disciple can consult any other Perfect Living Master for questions regarding his meditation and any other issues that bother him.

Q. How does a rock reincarnate into an ant or something of the sort, if a rock sits there all day like every other rock. Is it because it doesn’t act like every other rock? Also, if an apple is a consciousness, if you split the apple in two, is there two conscious beings now?

A rock does not have active Consciousness like all living things have. A rock has passive Consciousness which means because the observer is Conscious the rock comes into existence. An apple does not have a separate Consciousness. It participates in the Consciousness of the Apple tree. Once plucked from the tree it becomes the subject of Passive Consciousness. Splitting the apple does not make a difference. Active Consciousness of any living form requires a soul. Passive Consciousness does not require a soul but becomes a form because of the soul of the observer. Sounds too complicated? Perhaps it is! Ishwar Puri

Q. Do we regularly go into the astral plane when we sleep, or is it another more physical level of consciousness that we enter. I seem to have very lucid dreams where I go to beautiful places and speak to my departed loved ones. Is it easy to go to astral plane in sleep, or must we do it more through meditation through the guidance of PLM?

There are dreams in monocolor (shades of buff color) which are a visual experience of previous wakeful events. Then there are dreams in subdued colors which often pick up images buried in the sub-conscious mind, very often those we have tried to forget. Then there are dreams of past memories, sometimes very remote past memories from the Sub-Astral region of Consciousness. Then, rarely though, are dreams of a prophetic nature which can give a glimpse of what is to come in the future. Finally there are beautiful very colorful dreams from the Astral plane. All these experiences look like dreams because when we are awake we regard the wakeful state to be the only reality! Ishwar Puri

Q. I am in the midst of changing my diet and as u know, Eggs are an excellent source of protein (and omelet is my weakness)…so will it be ok for me to still at least eat eggs, while I am on my “vegetarian” path? I am in the midst of having a lifestyle change (I have started meditating, exercising and have given up meat/poultry…though continue to eat eggs). Please let me know as your insight will be very helpful! If you feel that eating eggs will hinder my spiritual growth, then I will certainly consider giving it up as well! Thanks much and God Bless 🙂

The food we eat affects our power to concentrate our attention. This happens through our subconscious associations with different images we have built in. The eggs create the image of something producing chicks and chicken. Hence I have always advised serious meditators to avoid eating eggs as part of their vegetarian regimen. Other items of dairy like milk and milk products are O.K.

Q. At this present moment i am doing japa , have started to move from the movement of the tongue to closing the mouth and saying the mantr Would like guidance as to how do we now teach the mind to say it but also then watch the mind doing the jap There are moments now while doing the japa I stop and there seems to be no need to carry on but sitting for a few seconds in silence. Please guide.

Meditate with eyes closed, feeling that you are behind your physical eyes, allow the mind to think randomly and then listen to those thoughts and watch any associated images that come up with those random thoughts, smile at what you are watching and you will begin to discover you are not the mind but an observer and user of this “thinking” device called the mind! After some practice you will be able to direct the mind to think what YOU want it to think and the mind will become your servant and not your master.

Q. Do PLM go beyond Sach khand to higher regions? What is the highest region that PLM go to please?

PLMs can go above Sachkhand to Alakh ( which cannot be described ) Agam (which cannot be known ) and Anami (which cannot even be named !) The highest stage is Anami! Love. Ishwar

Q. If one have problems with his health, could you elaborate on cause of it, is that past karma too?

Health issues arise for all of us based on Past Karm With Master’s Grace and our meditation we get some relief. Sometimes we can see that relief sometimes we cannot ! That again is often based on our Past Karmas. Affectionate regards, Ishwar

Q. When human leaves a body is he/she remembers this last life or memory about it is gone after death? In some lecture Master mentioned about complexity of karmic records in regards to relationship between people and as I understood – in reality its more simple because our conciseness is generating only people we need to reconcile current karma with, is it correct? And if so – each person would generate required people to reconcile karma, so we still have very complex network or I’m missing something here ?

You are right. The whole experience of a human life is generated from within and all people and events are created to serve the needs of that individual’s Karmic destiny. That looks simple enough but what complicates the system is how much destiny should be reactive to past actions and how much to be a continuation of old lessons still not learnt and how much to finish unfinished projects and plans.

Q. Do you have any recommendations for me before initiation? Anything I should be working on before initiation can happen? I thank you so much for your time, and am quite eager to hear from you.

Keep up your earnest seeking for the Highest Initiation by meditating regularly and that will be the best preparation for getting Initiated by a Perfect Living Master! Loving regards, Ishwar Puri

Q. I’m confused Sant Sawan Singh mentions that once you reach Sach Khand you do not come back nor do you want to. If we do come back I heard it was only to help other souls and not for our own adventure. Based on what you mentioned about total reality why would a master then not choose to come back and always experience material world in an enlightened state of consciousness? Are perfect living masters all knowing, and all powerful if they so choose to be? The last question is mind is happiness and its opposite unhappiness and soul is bliss which has no opposite. Would total consciousness be a trillion times more preferable then material consciousness? Sorry to bother you ishwar. I just really feel a strong need to understand.

Perfect Living Masters do not come for adventure but only to take back home certain marked souls! It is impossible to describe the state of being in Sach Khand where there is no time and space. Our mind cannot imagine, visualize or comprehend anything that exists outside of time and space. Hence all descriptions are only allegorical. For example if we consider the soul to be a drop of water and Satpurush in Sach Khand as the Ocean, then after the drop merges in the big Ocean and the Ocean Itself manifests in the Physical world would we say the drop has come back ? PLMs are the Total Ocean manifesting in a unique physical body just like ours but in Consciousness they remain Total. Of course the Bliss of Sach Khand is more than a trillion times better than worldly happiness. We have to experience that state to know what it is. And once you are in that state you become speechless because no words exist to describe it. Perfect Living Masters have to invent allegorical stories to inspire us and motivate us. With love from Ishwar

Q. One of your students has stated that the God of the Bible is on the 1st level of 8 levels of heaven. And that your God is the supreme God. Could you please give me a simple yes or no to this?

I feel it is a total waste of time discussing God, levels of Gods, how many Gods there are if any, and such like intellectual questions without actually going within our own Consciousness to discover the Truth of such matters. Discussing such subjects without any practical experience of the nature of our own Self, our Consciousness, which cannot be obtained without actual meditation under the guidance of a Perfect Living Master is nothing more than ordinary gossip. Please go within and you will get all the answers! With affectionate regards, Ishwar Puri

Q. I don’t understand how a perfect happiness would have a desire for adventure or anything if the soul was so very in love and perfect happiness? The other question if we do go back for adventure after total realization why would we return with total enlightenment being that the first time we left for this adventure we forgot who we were? What would be the difference please?

Bliss in Sach Khand is not happiness because happiness has it’s opposite of unhappiness. They both exist in the world of duality, the world of pairs of opposites, which is a world of the mind. Bliss has no opposite!!! The Great Adventure in Sach Khand does not occur because of “desire”! There is no desire there. It is the Ultimate Will for experience that creates that adventure and indeed creates all of Creation!Second time around if we come back to this world we will not forget who we are and why we are here! Thank God! Love. Ishwar

Q. This sounds very interesting. I was wondering if anyone can see the light you talk about… like a blind person someone that has lost their eyes due to an illness…would it be possible for someone like that?

Even blind and deaf people have seen Inner Light and heard Inner Music. Ishwar Puri

Q. Do I need to give up my faith to practice meditation and be accepted in Sant Mat?

I have received your message about your faith and belief. At the outset I would like to tell you that I have never criticized any faith or Religion. I have hundreds of Christian friends who believe in Jesus Christ and worship him. However I do tell these friends to follow the teachings of their Master by practicing those teachings in their daily life and not merely have blind faith with no Spiritual experience and no Spiritual advancement. Jesus says clearly and strongly that the Kingdom of God is within you. Go within and find Me and My Father. He further says that our body is the “Temple of the Living God”! Do we really follow Jesus and go within ourselves to find the Truth or do we just go to man-made Church and pay lip service to God and come to live our life exactly as we did before we went to Church. Do we have any real Guide who has personal experience of going within and meeting Jesus? Most of my Christian friends have never seen Jesus inside or outside. Yet some of my non-Christian friends have in their meditation personally seen Jesus inside! That is where He resides and can be found. I am glad you believe you have been Initiated by Jesus and follow him. You will surely find a Reality beyond our Physical Reality if you practice what Jesus taught. You will also get an answer to the question you have put to me. With affectionate regards, Ishwar Puri

Q. My question is about the function of the powers the entity in those first orbs. Star sun moon? I have discovered that every inner experience is mimicked in the solid human body from the cell mitosis of cells dividing to form a human body. And the same thing happens with one blue orb that divides and then transforms into an astral being. But much faster.

Know that the three orbs, the Primordial Star, the Sun and the Moon, lie between the Astral and Sub-Astral levels of Consciousness and we often cross these regions in full awareness and sometimes without awareness (virtually with blindfolds on) depending on the pace of ascent set for the disciple by his Master. This often depends on our Karma and desires and attachments. Perfect Living Masters often show their disciples previous Masters during their Spiritual journey. Loving regards, Ishwar Puri

Q. Regarding some of the qualifications for initiation, how long must one have abstained from all of the proscribed substances. I am vegetarian, no drugs, don.t drink, don.t smoke (but I do use chewing tobacco) and have a couple of prescription drugs I take on a regular basis. Could you provide some clarification on these issues (tobacco and Rx drugs) and any help will be greatly appreciated

Prescription drugs are all right. Try to avoid chewing tobacco! Six months of abstinence is good enough! Ishwar Puri

Q. I went away from this path and lost my way and decided to come back as everything looked mundane & insipid to the inner joy and light that you talk about. Do I need to get an approval from the Dera to be accepted?

I am very pleased to learn that after a short detour you are back on track on the Spiritual Path. This Path requires that we follow the instructions of our Master, the Master who has Initiated us and who has taken responsibility to take us back to Sachkhand, our True Home. You are mentioned about “approval of the Dera”! Please know, Dera is a place not a Master. Many Masters have come and gone at the Dera including my own Master, the Great Master Hazoor Maharaj Baba Sawan Singh Ji. One follows the instructions of one’s Master and not of a place. When a place becomes more important than a Master Spirituality turns into a Religion and rules and regulations and ceremonies become more important than true following of the Path with true love and devotion for a Master. I must add I have great Memories and associations connected with the Dera where the Great Master Initiated me in March of 1936 and where I have spent so much time. Indeed only today I have shared with some friends Parshad from the Dera consisting of Rice grown there and vegetable curry with spices specially brought from the Dera! With all my love, Ishwar

Q. Ishwar Ji can you please elaborate on half initiation as much as possible can you please elaborate on half initiation in detail. Also I think I.m quite rational and actively seeking for the ultimate objective truth, but I can’t for some reason trust this astral stuff. I mean how will you distinguish the imagination from the truth in astral travel? and if your imagination is the truth then in my reasoning there is no order, its chaos. In seeking we try to distinguish reality from the subjective mind that is the goal but in astral travel both get mixed up and what ever appears is reality. Still I don’t understand.

Here are my answers to the two pending questions: Half Initiation: Great Master used to give Half Initiation to young kids between 5 and 12 by teaching them how to hear the “Dhun” (Sound current)! For teenagers He would give Half Initiation of “Simran”(Repetition of Holy words). When these kids grew up to be adults they were given the remaining half Initiation. Of course He made several exceptions by giving full Initiation to many kids. Imagination and Astral experience: There is great difference in Physical imagination and Astral experience because in Physical imagination you cannot go beyond elements that exist in the Physical world. Though there may be several new combinations of elements that don’t exist in the Physical world the elements of those combinations are all of the Physical world. In Astral experience several experiences have no counterpart in the Physical world. There are new elements non-existent in the Physical world. With an Astral experience you can always know it is not Physical imagination. On the other hand all Physical imagination arises from the Astral imagination and hence the two are often confused. Love and regards. Ishwar

Q. How old must you be to receive initiation has the age requirement changed since your times or it.s the same?

There is no special age limit for Initiation! Great Master gave half Initiation to kids as young as 5 or 6 years old. He would say the Spiritual Path can be followed by any one from the age of 5 to the ripe old age of 80!

Q. How is the supreme state of conscious different then a natural state of indifference produced by a drug or something like that? I also wanted to ask about the fear and terrer that some people speak of when they enter into pure awareness. They say your all alone and it is our worst fear come true. Can you please explain that fear and do we rise above that?

It is a state of supreme bliss and alertness. It is true that when consciousness “sees” the Master it is only the subtle mind. Above the mind the Soul “sees” by becoming that which it sees! All souls merge into Total consciousness in Sach Khand including the souls of Masters. Anami is higher state of consciousness for Totality to visit. No individual soul reaches Anami. Love is a great experience whether you love God or a person. But love should not be confused with infatuation or attachment!

Q. I would appreciate your response to my “judgments” of Dr. Johnson as expressed in his book Path of the Masters. It seems written from the point of view of someone who has not gone beyond the mind. His training as, what I would call, an Old Testament Christian minister permeates the writing and frames issues in black and white, right and wrong. It was from this book’s point of view that I judged and condemned you as incapable of being a plm (I take full responsibility for my thoughts and actions). Forgiveness is mentioned only one time in the whole book as an antidote to krodh. There is little discussion of going beyond the mind. The book is a testament to the author’s powerful ego-mind.

You already know that I don’t judge anybody! So I can pass no judgment on Julian Johnson or on his book The Path of the Masters. But I do know that many Western seekers including several Americans did come on the Spiritual Path after reading that book. The internal experiences in meditation, like seeing and being guided by the Radiant Form of the Master are held as personal experiences generally not shared with others as such sharing often leads to a boost in Ego which becomes a hindrance to further Spiritual growth. For help in improving the quality of meditation I can only say it should be done with great love and devotion. Without love and devotion meditation is a mechanical exercise not yielding any Spiritual results. Love and regards, Ishwar

Q. I wanted to ask a follow up question please. So after merging in everything which the Buddhists call the void I hear there is a great deal of fear and panic. Some call the highest state “alone” where there is no one not even you. Is it the ego that is still there that is afraid and how does a soul get past the fear? I read that the highest state of consciousness was like a high state of total indifference where there is no happiness or sadness since you go beyond opposites. It does not sound like you feel anything. Can you please explain that for me?

The stage at which the Ego merges with it’s Totality is in the second region of the Universal Mind. There one is alone and “indifferent”! Most Yogis Yogeshwars and other practitioners of various types of Meditation have thought that to be the Highest level of Consciousness! Only Perfect Living Masters have taken us beyond that stage to pure Spiritual realms where the Bliss and Happiness is incredible!

Q. My last spiritual teacher was Shaykh Hamid who was teaching from the Mevlevi sufi tradition[Turkey]. He taught us from 1985 to 1990 at which time he disbanded his teaching circle and told us we could go anywhere spiritually that our “heart’s” took us. Another spiritual brother from that group and I have “wandered” for 21 years looking for our next teacher. Personally I have looked in India, Central Asia[Uzbekistan], the middle east, Egypt, Europe and North Americ Lastly, even though I have spent many year’s in the sufi tradition I am not Muslim. I was born and raised Christian. As always thank you for your time and any consideration.

When you will meet “your” Perfect Living Master your “heart” (INTUITION) will tell you this is it! After spending some time with the PLM your experience will confirm that too! Do not allow your mind to mess up your experience by creating unnecessary doubts and fears! The Spiritual Path is not a Religion. It is as good for a Muslim as for a Christian! Indeed it is even good enough for an Atheist. All that it requires is that you seek the Truth and that the Truth lies within you’ Love and regards: Ishwar Puri

Q. The path teaches us that karma can be improved by meditation. Does this mean that meditation makes us care less about the impact of karma (i.e., losing an arm is not as devastating to us when we’re meditating when compared to when we’re not meditating), or does meditation actually reduce the karmic load we experience

  • On Effort: The whole path is covered with “effortlessness” ! What looks like effort in the beginning also turns out to be Master’s Grace later on.
  • On Karma: Mixed Karma (good and bad) creates human life. A big change either way can set up a life form other than human which would take away the opportunity to escape from this prison of continuous reincarnations !
  • On Time and Space: There is a fixed point in space as well as in time for things to happen including progressive steps upward on the spiritual path. We can discuss these and other related topics in greater detail when we meet next.

Q. Is there more love and happiness here than at self realization? Is there something more positive to attain at this highest level?

Rising in consciousness above the Mind gives you Happiness and Bliss that is way beyond anything that is given while you are under the realm of the Mind and which at best gives limited peace and joy !

Q. What is the mystery of disappearance from one’s physical frame (the death).Is the death pre-determined with respect to time and place? How and why the death appears to human beings at different age and human frames? Why there is no premonition of death?

Death destroys the physical body but not the astral body which contains the same mind and the same soul that was in the dead physical body.
Death is predetermined both with regard to time and place.
The timings of death for different people are different because of their different Karmas.
Sometimes there is premonition of death specially with people who practice meditation

Q. Help me to understand how an all-knowing Consciousness could apparently miss what was bound to ensue in regards to Kal Niranjan..

In our Father’s Home there is no time and space and no Judgment of any kind. It is only His “Mauj” (Playful Will) that creates everything ! So error of judgment does not arise!

Q. Please elaborate “Initiation takes place in Astral Plane”?

It is true that Initiation by a Perfect Living Master takes place at the Astral plane. How often one returns to the physical plane depends on our attachments to things physical but never exceeds four visits each subsequent visit having less attachment and less load of Pralabhd (Fate) karm It is more difficult to meditate in the Astral plane because of greater knowledge of the future, and becomes even more difficult in the Causal plane because of full knowledge of the future in that plane. In that sense it is appropriate to say that “ignorance is bliss”! The Astral plane has two parts, the Upper Astral where you feel the Physical was merely a dream, and the Sub Astral where we get several non-physical experiences but not that of full wakefulness.

Q. I have read that you are Great Masters disciple and that you are initiated since your 9. Did you meditate from your 9 till now everyday for 2 hours? How did you manage that? What do you think of masters today? I hope you can say a few words on this theme?

I am happy to receive your e-mail and to know that you are a follower of the Spiritual Path. I am a disciple of the Great Master Hazoor Maharaj Baba Sawan Singh Ji and have tried to live by his teachings. Whatever I am doing today is my Seva to my Master. I have been with many Masters in my life and have great respect and reverence for all Masters who teach that the Way to Truth is within you. All Masters can help you to go up to the level of higher consciousness that they themselves have realized. We must keep meditating with love and devotion till we come in steady contact with the Radiant Form of the Master. Our true Spiritual journey then starts in the company of the Master who takes us as far as he has gone! With love and RS greetings to you from Ishwar Puri

Q. Should one avoid herbal capsules, that are made of of Gelatin?

If taken for medical reasons you may take the capsules

Q. Armageddon, Doomsday, Apocalypse, Ice Age, Pole-Shifts rumors?

It is not necessary to make any special preparations for a possible future disaster, like the return of the ice age, as there does not appear to be any imminent threat like that. One can always keep normal household articles in the house for any shortage one may encounter. The best is to use one’s commonsense in these matters.

Q. Is Ishwar Puri ji a Perfect Living Master?

First of all I do not claim to be a Master nor do I Initiate any one. I am doing what I believe to be Seva to my Master as best as I have understood His Instructions. In that sense I am merely a humble servant of my Master, and thank God a million times for that opportunity or opportunity for any kind of Seva for a Master, but not a Master myself. Further I am not aware of any Will or written document by which my Master, Great Master Hazur Maharaj.

Baba Sawan Singh Ji, was appointed a Master nor am I aware of any such document appointing my Master’s Master, Baba Jaimal Singh Ji as a Master. Each seeker must seek and be found by his Master. Our Master is one who pulls us from within with His unconditional love which is hard to resist inspite of our mind’s frantic efforts to do so. And if a Master is not a Perfect Living Master He can still help us to go as far as He has gone. And if our seeking continues beyond where a Master has taken us we will definitely be found by a Master who will take us beyond. These are the teachings of the Great Master Hazur Maharaj Baba Sawan Singh Ji ! I also feel the Spiritual Path is a very personal affair between a Master and his disciple. Each disciple progresses on this Path at his own pace depending upon several factors like his Karma his opportunity for being close to the Master his level of meditation etc. It would be wise for us to take full advantage of the Grace of a Master and speed up our progress on the Path instead of worrying about the speed of other people’s progress. Ishwar Puri


Q. What is the Radiant form of the Master?

The Perfect Living Master’s s clone works all the time even if the disciple has not manifested the Radiant Form of the Master in meditation.
Whenever we pray to the Master He listens. The clone does a great job!
When you make an image of yourself in meditation and you are looking at it you are not where the image is but rather where you are looking at it from. When you see the image ask yourself where am I seeing it from. That is the point where you actually are and so don’s t worry about not being able to see yourself!

Q. What does Initiation by a Perfect Living Master mean?

There is no such thing as initiation at this physical level so far as a perfect master is concerned! Â The perfect master operations from the higher levels of consciousness and initiates us at a level of consciousness higher than this wakeful state. Â When a perfect master initiates you, he creates a connection between you and his higher form at the next higher level of consciousness. Â No perfect master ever initiates his disciples at this physical plane! Â The “real” initiation takes at the astral level within, from where he operates; from where he connects his “spiritual form” to ours. Â He does not believe in teaching any new system of rituals and ceremonies. Â He does not propagate any new practices or methods of worship. Â We have already been confused enough by all these things. Â We have been praying and worshiping the Lord for thousands of of different ways.

Q. God has created humans in His own image, then how come we are so imperfect?

Everything that we can experience in meditation cannot be explained by the Big Bang theory or the Evolution of human beings from apes etc. indeed these theories are being questioned by scientists themselves. For example the Big Bang theory asserts that both time and space (which cannot be separated being part of a single continuum of time-space) both began with the Big Bang about fourteen and a half billion years ago. The puzzling question with scientists today is if there was no space or time where and when did the Big Bang take place unless there was an earlier Big Bang that created the time and space for the current one. Similarly Darwin’s s Theory of evolution placed homo-sapiens coming much later than the recent fossils of human beings found in Africa by Dr Leaky and his team. Science cannot explain compressed time which can hold millions of years of events in a few seconds or indeed even in zero time and yet that can be experienced in meditation. Creation of an imperfect man and an imperfect world seems to be the best way to experience the perfection of the Creator since we observe all things in pairs of opposites. Perfect Living Masters do not come to show worldly miracles rather their mission is to take us beyond the mind to our True Home. You can call the Creator as God or Totality of Consciousness or any other term it does not matter, but realizing that state is a genuine possibility through meditation. Love and regards.

Q. What is the significance of Guru Kripa or the Grace of the Master?

Guru Kripa leads to faith and in combination they lead to enlightenment! .

Q. Can the Perfect Living Master carry a devotee from the darkness into light?

The Guru’s s power is immense! Please continue your meditation with love and devotion and seek grace from the Satguru.

Q. What is the significance of the Sound and the ascent to the higher planes?

The real sound that pulls us out of our body comes from within ourselves which in the wakeful state is at the eye center. When that sound pulls us we lose awareness of right ear or left ear as we ascend to a higher state of consciousness where we get actual experiences of our Astral self. The resounding bell sound does not come from any side. It is a sound that surrounds us because it is coming from within us. Many people have been trapped into listening to the sound from the right ear which does not have that pull and is at best just a practice sound. But extended meditation even with practice sounds or with Simran/Mantra alone have given people several dreamlike experiences which they mistake as higher experiences! Such experiences have not led them to the Radiant Form of the Master or true Astral Region which is and looks more real than the Physical experience! Always go by your own experience and not by anybody else’s s experience. Continue your meditation with love and devotion and withdraw your attention to the eye center which is the gateway to higher experiences

Q. What do you think of the Masters today?

I am a disciple of the Great Master Hazoor Maharaj Baba Sawan Singh Ji and have tried to live by his teachings. Whatever I am doing today is my Seva to my Master. I have been with many Masters in my life and have great respect and reverence for all Masters who teach that the Way to Truth is within you. All Masters can help you to go up to the level of higher consciousness that they themselves have realized. We must keep meditating with love and devotion till we come in steady contact with the Radiant Form of the Master. Our true Spiritual journey then starts in the company of the Master who takes us as far as he has gone!.

Q. Astral Plane and Physical Plane?

It is true that Initiation by a Perfect Living Master takes place at the Astral plane.
How often one returns to the physical plane depends on our attachments to things physical but never exceeds four visits each subsequent visit having less attachment and less load of Pralabhad (Fate) karm It is more difficult to meditate in the Astral plane because of greater knowledge of the future, and becomes even more difficult in the Causal plane because of full knowledge of the future in that plane.
In that sense it is appropriate to say that “ignorance is bliss”!
The Astral plane has two parts, the Upper Astral where you feel the Physical was merely a dream, and the Sub Astral where we get several non-physical experiences but not that of full wakefulness.

Q. What is Death?

Death destroys the physical body but not the astral body which contains the same mind and the same soul that was in the dead physical body.
Death is predetermined both with regard to time and place.
The timings of death for different people are different because of their different Karmas.
Sometimes there is premonition of death specially with people who practice meditation.