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The seat of Supreme being is within everybody

The cosmos is a symphony of vibrating currents

The seat of the Supreme Being Radhasoami Dayal is within everybody. The spirit currents descended from Him creating Dayal Desh [Merciful Region, Spiritual Realms], Brahmand [universal mind] and Pind [physical plane, material universe/multiverse]. From a centre inwards between the two eyes, where the spirit has taken its location in this body [seat of the soul, third eye, wisdom eye], it is supplying energy by means of currents to the mind and the senses and the entire frame. As the spirit current alone is the current of bliss, pleasure and knowledge, it is only on account of it, that all those having physical bodies experience pleasure and relish it through the sense organs.


Ishwar's Light can be Heard

In order for us to perceive that energy, we have to elevate our frequency. Lower our brainwave signature from beta to alpha to theta to delta to gamma. This is the Quantum Field where the magic happens, this is where our friend, our Beloved in His Radiant Form waiting. He says Welcome.


When you take your attention off the people in your life, you become NO ONE.

When you take your attention off objects in the physical environment, you are NO THING.

When you take your attention off places, you are NO WHERE.

Finally, if you take your attention off linear time (which has a past and a future), you are in no time.

Then where are you? You ARE

find thine self

Sustained meditation with more physical exercise will help. The real solution lies in getting great and pleasurable inner experiences in meditation whereby outside interests and desires subside by themselves