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Ishwar Ji's Talks


You have to walk with Me, with My spirit, with My radiation. Receive My radiation first, then you can enjoy every radiation with right understanding and without being submerged and drowned in the current of attraction and repulsion they call Maya.



Very few Mystics have described the Inner regions or levels of Consciousness because firstly it is not easy to describe something so different from our experiences on the physical plane and secondly they want to avoid giving any suggestions which could be played out in dream like states and be misunderstood as real higher awareness! Mystics who do describe those regions do it in allegorical form and constantly remind their followers not to take all descriptions literally! They also recommend that meditation be done under guidance of a Living Master who monitors your progress and lets you know exactly where you are going. You are right that all Inner experiences up to Trikuti, which is the Upper Limit of the mind’s realm, are created by the mind. But you should also be aware that so are all physical experiences which we take as absolutely real

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  • December 28, 1998 12:00 am
  • Collection of His talks.