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Dr. Ishwar C. Puri (1926 - 2020)

Ishwar Chandra Puri (1926 – 2020) is a Perfect Living Master of the modern age.

Born on 26th November 1926 in North India to a devout Satsangi (spiritual followers of a living Saint in the tradition of Sant Mat) family.  Ishwar Puri was brought up in Lahore, Punjab, India.

How Ishwar Ji would like to be remembered?

Ishwar Ji is a perfect example of surrender. He served His Master Huzur Mahara Baba Sawan Singh Ji with utmost devotion, all His life. His entire life was in service to His Master. There was never a moment He would be not thinking about His Master. Ishwar Ji’s life epitomizes His steadfast commitment to His Guru, His Path, His Cause, His Belief which according to Him, brought Him immense joy, satisfaction and fulfillment.

When we love someone deeply, we feel a sense of resoluteness that drives us to do everything we can to support and care for them. This devotion is not just a fleeting feeling but a steadfast commitment that endures even when times are tough. It’s a Cosmic Bond that is unbreakable, even in the face of adversity. Such was Ishwar Ji’s love for His Master Baba Sawan Singh Ji.

Ishwar Ji’s devotion to His Guru was the ultimate expression of loyalty and commitment. He committed His life of service and surrender. This entails putting the master’s needs above one’s own and striving to be the best servant possible.

Being in the master’s service requires discipline, focus, and a deep understanding of the master’s teachings. One must be willing to put in the hard work and effort required to excel in their duties. This involves a willingness to learn and grow, as well as being open to feedback and guidance from the master.

To truly devote oneself to the master and be in his service requires a deep sense of humility and gratitude. It is a privilege to be able to serve the master and be a part of his mission. Those who are able to embrace this mindset will find that their devotion and service will bring them great joy and fulfillment, as they contribute to something greater than themselves.

Therefore to answer the question, Ishwar Ji would like to be remembered as a Disciple to His Master.  

Ishwar Ji’s life was a Love Story – His Love for His Master. His Devotion to His Master. His Service to His Master. Reflecting His Master’s Light in His every action. His Guru was fully merged with His Loving Disciple, Ishwar.

Guru Mantra

Gurur Brahmā Gurur Viṣṇur Gurur devo Maheśvaraḥ

Guruḥ sākṣāt paraṁ Brahma tasmai śrī gurave namaḥ

Our creation is that guru (Brahma-the force of creation); the duration of our lives is that guru (Vishnu-the force of preservation); our trials, tribulations, illnesses, calamities and the death of the body is that guru (devo Maheshwara – the force of destruction or transformation). There is a guru nearby (Guru Sakshat) and a guru that is beyond the beyond (param Brahma). I make my offering (tasmai) to the beautiful (shri) remover of my darkness, my ignorance; (Guru) it is to you I bow and lay down my life (namah).

Guru is the remover of darkness: Gu means darkness, and Ru means remover. Darkness refers to what obscures the light of awareness. Guru is the enlightenment principal that aids one in the realization of the true Self, the whole Self, the holy Self. The guru removes avidya, or ignorance, which is a case of mistaken identity. It is when you think you are your personality, mistaking your body/mind container for who you are and ignore who you really are. It is when you feel separate from the whole.

By reciting this mantra with a sincere heart, you will see that the power that enlightens is all around you at all times. The mantra asks for the ability to see the guru in all names and forms, and even to acknowledge, love and serve the guru who you cannot see, who is beyond all visible forms. The guru is your own self, the inner guiding light.

Your own birth, the creation principle, holds within it the potential for enlightenment. This would include your parents, your day and the place of your birth and all the circumstances surrounding your birth. Many people find it difficult to recognize the guru in their parents. Many of us spend a lot of time complaining about the bodies we have been given by our parents and blame our parents for the difficulties in our lives.

The situation we are living in right now at this time is where guru Vishnu manifests. If we could see our present circumstances – who we work with, who we live with, who our friends are – as embodying the guru principle, we might stop perceiving them as in the way of our happiness and begin to realize that they might be providing us with the way for our enlightenment to unfold.

The most difficult circumstances to accept in a positive way are the calamities, the injuries and illnesses that befall us physically or mentally. 

Guru devo Maheshwara manifests as the big challenges in our lives, which actually provide us with the greatest opportunities for clearing away avidya and embracing all that happens to us as a gift from God. Destruction always opens the door for transformation.

To see the guru in the teacher who is right in front of you, giving you the teachings of enlightenment, may be very difficult for us due to preconceived idealistic notions about what a guru is suppose to look like. This prejudice may disable us from seeing past the outer form or personality of the teacher.

To acknowledge that the guru is beyond name and form, beyond what we could imagine with the limited vision of the thinking mind, is to begin to open to the mystery of cosmic awareness.

The most potent prayer is the last line of the mantra in which we ask to have the good sense to be humble enough not to miss our chance to recognize the guru when they do appear. Only if we can let go of our self-cherishing, our pride, our need to be recognized and our yearning to be given credit for the things we do, can we ever hope to encounter the guru, that which brings enlightenment to our soul.