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dr. ishwar c. puri (1926 - Â )

Dr. Ishwar Puri is the initiate of His beloved Master Hazur Maharaj Baba Sawan Singhji.   Dr. Puri is the founder of ISHA – Institute for the Study of Human Awareness in Chicago, IL
Ishwar C Puri was born in Punjab, India on 26 of November 1926 and was initiated at the age of 9 by The Great Master – Hazur Maharaj Baba Sawan Singh Ji in 1936.  When he was just 29 days old, Sawan Singh Maharaj named him Ishwar (it derives it’s meaning from the Sanskrit word – The Supreme Lord).

From then on Ishwar got the special grace of many interactions with Baba Sawan Singh of which he remembers every detail and often shares the stories.

MittiSeva_2015 2Ishwar Puri Ji, former senior official with Indian government, came to the USA to study at Harvard University in the early 60’s and permanently in 1982 to witness that the mantle of spirituality will be changing from the East to the West, as Hazur Maharaj Baba Sawan Singh Ji told him it would.
Dr. Puri is the founder of ISHA – Institute for the Study of Human Awareness and resides in Chicago area.
Ishwar Puri Ji travels all over the world giving Spiritual discourses.

Meditation is the art of withdrawing our attention from experience to the experiencer.   Meditation is the art of reversing the direction of attention from the illusion to the reality of consciousness….Ishwar Puri

LakeZurich_Oct25_2013Ishwar Puri refers on occasions to human body’s chakras, but warns us: “Don’t be fooled by the beautiful colors and experiences and think this is a spiritual experience.   Don’t waster your time.   We have to meditate and be between, behind and above the physical eyes.   Don’t go downward from there to find spirituality and truth.

Ishwar Purji says – To close your eyes and imagine we are sitting in the head behind the eyes is itself a good start to practice meditation.

TREMENDOUS is the word to describe human experience in it’s entirety.  Even more so is the great Socratic theme – “KNOW THYSELF”, the process that leads to self-realization whereby we understand ourselves in the truest sense of the theme.  IT leads us to higher knowledge.   It enables us to better understand other people and the world we live in.

Ishwar Chandra Puri has lectured in most parts of the world on a wide variety of such
fascinating subjects such as art, human awareness, human relations, morality, science, philosophy, religion, health and human consciousness, covering the entire scope of human experience.   Those lectures are immensely thorough and illuminating.

Ishwar Puri’s discourses feels like being on an odyssey through the various stages of human consciousness.   It is indeed a discovery – the discovery that the level of knowledge can be much higher than what exists within the reach of human mind.   It becomes, therefore fascinating, if enigmatic, problem in philosophy, modern psychology and religion.


The vehicle of human consciousness, as it were, which remains beyond all intellectual comprehension, has been variously described as the soul, the mind, even the physical brain in some cases.   There are aspects of this subject which can be studied and understood by anyone with an open mind and a sincere desire to get at the truth about ones’s own conscious experiences.   But, there are higher aspects of it, relating to the very structure and mechanism of human consciousness.  And only a trained intellect, aided by patience, sustained interest and systematic study, can comprehend the deepest mysteries of life.

Ishwar Puri, in his discourses provides an “intuitive glimpse” of the beauty and grandeur of this higher knowledge.   And, taking a plunge, what does on find?   From the Middle Ages to Renaissance to a new threshold, a kind of new evolution – the evolution of human consciousness.

Man’s material prosperity, attained through the ages, is undeniable.  But, equally true is the fact that millions of people today are in the quest of something beyond that, something higher than that.   From science itself, as from the spiritual experiences of yogis and mystics, man is in the process of discovering a capacity in human consciousness for awakening in a universe of endless mystery.


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