master's guardian angel

Hugh McCaffrey

By Susanne v. Schroeder — Nov 18, 2015 9:10 pm

Hugh’s Journey 11-18-2015

Many of you already know that Hugh became ill during the Meditation workshop with Ishwar Puri in mid September 2015. After a series of tests Hugh learned that he has cancer throughout his body. He chose alternative care over chemo therapy. Several people helped him in his pursuit of alternative therapy. However this past Sunday Hugh asked to be taken to the hospital in Rice Lake due to pain and weakness. He learned he had an infection and his kidneys were failing. Yesterday (11.17.) he was moved to Heritage Manor , a nursing home in Rice Lake and placed in hospice care.

Throughout this entire time Hugh has maintained a positive and loving spirit in-spite of significant pain and discomfort. He is completely at peace with whatever the future holds. He has put in his application for the door man at the pearly gates and is awaiting a reply.

It was a very cold but magical Sunday morning here in northern Wisconsin. The sun lit up all the ice crystals covering each branch and remaining leaf, creating a sparkling and other worldly wonderland. Several friends came by to visit Hugh. He managed to tell part of his guardian angel story again but after that was very tired and slept all afternoon. He also very much enjoyed the music provided by a friend who brought his guitar. He never gets tired to speak about unconditional love. Love is the answer, no matter what the question is.


Become That Love

Love is the morning,
I, the coming of dawn.
Love is the rain,
I, the bloom of spring.

Become that love,
and every burden will be light.
Become that love
and every night will shine.