sage of boulder

Leon Poncet de sandon

By Sean Wayman — Aug 2nd, 2017

Leon’s Journey 08-02-2017

“On Aug 2nd 2017 a most devoted gurumukhi of the sacred path of which we all are co-travelers ..exited this reality in the lap of Great Master.. I call him the Sage of Boulder… his name was Leon Poncet de Sandon entered this reality in time Oct 31 1920  in the country of Poland…

He sat at the feet of many Masters, from both the Sant Mat lineage and others ..In particular he found his first Light Sound Master after years of pursuing the ultimate with other teachings and gurus… becoming Master Kirpal’s representative in the Rocky Mountain region of the US…

In this the sage of Boulder was granted a final physical seva by arranging some of Master Kirpal’s ashes to be spread in Boulder Creek..It is this place, the park where Master Kirpal’s ashes were spread that a memorial for Leon will be held on Aug 19th in Boulder CO. Info can be had from or

After the leaving of Master Kirpal, Leon travelled far and wide both in this country and India staying in the presence wherever he could and serving the devotion that he embodied…Sant Ajaib Singhji.. Baba Gurunder Singhji.. Sant Rajinder Singhji,.Sadhu Ram and others…..To visit this wizard Ishwar Puriji at a Meditation work shop at a Unitarian Church in Palatine Il. Well you can see from the photo below the effect that Master and gurumukhi had from that point on..Leon always had Baba’s personal attention at every gathering I attended… Leon remarked to a friend some time after attending to Ishwarji “He has captured my heart”.

Leon was last with Ishwarji in New Jersey this last July. Baba indicated that the time had come.. passport was arranged and visa finally approved..mission complete..and so Leon hopped aboard, dove into The lake of Mansarovar and presto the swan.. .the Lover and the Beloved become one and the same drop in the ocean..ocean in the drop 🌊💦💧

I invite any one who knew Leon to share a tidbit here or on other sites… this is the pregnant moment of his remembrance and works which will ripple on the waves of vrittis.. bringing hearts together 🌹♥️♥️🔔🎶

Many thanks to Bill Grout and Barb Grout for their support and devotion to Leon for his ability to interact with so many of us.. their hospitality and seva! RadhaSoamiji