satsangis who left the physical plane

Heavenly Abode

Life does not end at death. It is just completion of an important particularity. Life rolls on till it merges in the Absolute. Life drifts on to achieve its triumph of the universal.

Self is reborn many times before it advances to moksha (liberation). Atman (self) is Brahman (the supreme being). Soul goes through many semblances.

Physical death is not final. Bhagavad-Gita compares death with the changing of worn-out clothing.

The major quest for us is to break the cycle of rebirth and attain a state of supreme freedom or liberation (moksha), which is a timeless state.

We recently lost two very loving satsangis, they were such an inspiration to us all.  This page is dedicated to all those who have left this physical plane of existence to undertake their cosmic journey…

  1. Hugh McCafrey – 11/18/2015
  2. Leon Poncet – 08/02/2017