Below is a picture of a dear friend of mine who we are celebrating his 91st year on this planet..He is the founder and Director of the ISHA Foundation.. Institute for Study of Human Awareness… not to be confused with ISHA organization headed by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev. Although I must say he seems very much to be a friend also!
My friend’s name is Ishwar Puriji and is an amazing human being just from the standpoint of his continued work in the world which includes a rigorous schedule of monthly, annual, events which include a tour of several countries, and multiple events in the US. None of his physical conditions or ailments seem to slow the pace of his work which involves monthly meetings in the Chicago area were he resides most often. This alone floors me when I have the privilege of being with him at events and private interviews.
I met this gentleman in 2012 for the first time at a small gathering in Socorro NM. We spent 2 days with him where he answered many questions and gave discourses on a range of topics. That encounter created a thirst that was only to be satisfied by spending as much time that I was afforded to be both in his presence and continue his guidance of a yoga that I have practiced since my twenties called Surat Shabd Yoga. It is an ancient yoga with connections to many of the great mystics of the past and present.. both in eastern and western traditions. His subtle yet very practical discourses on the meditation practices of this yoga where invaluable to me and it renewed a new level of awareness within my consciousness. The Surat Shabd yoga that Ishwar gives guidance on was passed on to him by his teacher who went by the name of Huzur Baba Sawan Singhji who lived and worked in the Punjab India.
I had many friends as teachers previous to my meeting up with Ishwar Puri from this lineage reaching back to Agra India.. as well as a plethora of other teachers, mentors, friends from other traditions and lineages. I guess you might say that I have been both eclectic and far reaching in my seeking of Truth and the nature of consciousness as it is expressed through all of life and humanity. This includes the access of understanding the nature of reality through the avenues of science which includes quite brilliantly in the math and propositions of quantum physics. AND in this regard I have found Ishwar’s discourses to be quite illuminating!
On this special day I felt to share some this somewhat intimate information with my friends here on FB for those who may have any endurance to read this far! My friends run a certain reflection of my life as so many come from very entertaining, amazing, amusing, endearing, inspiring, supportive, sporting, and overall jolly backgrounds from childhood, professional, intimate, current, worldly, brotherly and sisterly AND FRIENDLy connections.
Since meeting up with Ishwar my life has taken in some incredible changes including a move from the Rockies to the Pacific Northwest of US. My network of friends and acquaintances has exploded and spread through out the globe which always blows my mind when it is operating!
I know many within the family, community, sanghat of Ishwarji are celebrating their good fortune in knowing and participating in the work and teachings of this kind and loving man.
You may access his discourses and satsangs on you tube by searching Ishwar Puri.. there is a ton of materials…and many thanks to the years of work by so many individuals who have assisted in getting this information published for all.
So off to lite up 91 candles… what a blaze happens as you grow old!! What I’m celebrating today is that which never grows old… For that is what is the real deal!!