In the search for answers to my questions in life I searched for the word “Sant Mat” on YouTube. Before this happened I had attended a few satsangs with representatives of a Master and once even attended a satsang with a Master from India. When I searched for the word ” Sant Mat” On YouTube a man with the name of Ishwar Puri came up on the screen. When choosing one of the speeches that was recorded this man answered some of the questions I had been asking myself for a long time. The following days, weeks, and months I continued listening to these talks (satsangs) of Ishwar. 
After four months an opportunity came up to go and listen to Ishwar Puri at an event in London. After reaching London and listening to Ishwar Puri “live” I asked one question from Ishwar Ji in person; he answered that personal question; and after that asking him for initiation, He accepted me as His eternal friend. And after that, and ever since, I’m very grateful for His friendship which he gave at that moment of initiation. Thank you Ishwar. God bless you!💕