Most people I have met on this path have spent years trying different religions, yogas, paths and reading everything they can get their hands on about eastern thought etc. on the way to being initiated into Sant Mat. In my case, I was raised Christian (Methodist) but couldn’t stand the hypocrisy of some churchgoers and one minister in particular. I always fought my Mother about going to church and distanced myself from all religion as soon as I left home. Mostly, I had a hard time with the concept that I could and should develop a personal relationship with Jesus. Many people, my Mom included, would exclaim that they had a wonderful relationship with Him. How could that be when he had been dead for 2000 years? I tried on several occasions to talk to Him but it felt empty and I thought there must be something lacking in me. So I officially left the church in 1992.  

I began dabbling in metaphysics and spent many years studying astrology but didn’t get much satisfaction from it. I also very briefly tried Sokka Gakkai Buddhism and then a “path” called Religious Science or Science of mind for a few years. More emptiness! Ultimately though, I sort of resigned myself to the fact that I would try to be as good as possible for the rest of my life so I could get to heaven and away from earth once and for all. 

I have always believed in reincarnation but thought that we could quit coming back whenever we wanted. I was expressing this belief to a friend of mine over coffee one day in July of 2014. I was very depressed and declared that this was my last life. She looked at me and asked, ‘So you think you can just stop coming back whenever you want? What have you done for your soul lately? You eat meat, drink alcohol, etc.’ I got defensive and started arguing with her. Then she asked me what my beliefs were about creation, God, Satan etc. and I told her what I had been brought up to believe. Then, she told me about Sat Purush and Kal. This friend has been a Sant Mat initiate since 1983. I was hooked!

​ I started asking questions and couldn’t stop. I became a vegetarian and stopped drinking alcohol immediately. 

The thing is, I had been a friend of this woman since 2000. I knew she had a “Master” but didn’t know what that meant and we had just recently reconnected after having been out of touch for almost 8 years. It took until that day in 2014 for my introduction!  Then I started devouring everything I could get my hands on about Sant Mat and reading many books by Masters. I have to say that I sort of panicked and wanted to be initiated as soon as possible. After all, you never know if today is your last day right?! So my friend gave me two options. I could go to the disciple of Hazur Baba Sawan Singh Ji (IshwarJi) or she would take me to meet some Satsangis from her Master’s line (not Beas). I chose the latter and began a 3-month intensive preparation for initiation. I was initiated privately by a representative of her Master’s (currently living in India) successor in December of 2014. I made the choice to go there because I had missed Great Master’s Bhandara 2014 and didn’t want to wait until 2015 to see Ishwar Puri Ji. 

Well, my mind was definitely influencing me (fear/panic) and I made the wrong choice. Without going into detail, I’ll just say that I “didn’t connect” with this other master. I watched a few YouTube videos of Ishwar Ji’s and was struck/touched by His beauty, humility, and love for His Master. Everything that he said resonated with me. So, I met Ishwar Puri Ji for the first time at the Newport Beach, CA 3-day program in February of 2016. When he walked into the room it was as if I was instantly electrified and I felt my eyes filling with tears. Sitting in the front row during the program it suddenly occurred to me that I now knew how Jesus’s disciples felt in His presence 2000 years ago! Here I was in the presence of a PLM sitting, almost, right at his feet!!! I had a personal meeting with him and he told me that he would initiate me at the Rice Lake Bhandara 2016, less than 2 months later! So, I went and was initiated.  Ishwar Puri Ji IS my Master! When I get his darshan and drishti I can feel the love and God power in Him.