In 2006, I met my future husband at work.  He was following the path of light and sound and had a living master.  I read some books on santmat and realized this is the path that I wanted to follow (have a lot history to it) .  I was initiated by the Master nearly a decade back.  Although I was initiated by the master, I always felt that I need more direct interaction with the master which was missing in this case.
A good friend of mine than happened to mention about Ishwarji and his famous youtube videos.  I listened to some of Ishwarji’s satsang and was really hooked on to it.  What fascinated me more back then (when I was thinking technique is important :)) is the detail step by step instructions that ishwarji gave on how to meditate.  I started using that method initially but was drawn towards Ishwarji and felt guilty that here I am thinking about another Master when I have a master of my own.  Also Ishwarji’s satsang where Ishwarji spoke about this lady who was much initiated struck a chord with me and so I thought I should focus more on the master that has initiated me. 
Back in 2014, I think, I learnt that Ishwarji was coming to London.  Something inside me prompted me to meet Ishwarji.  I thought if I am not meant to be Ishwarji’s marked sheep he will anyways not accept my initiation request.  So I met Ishwarji in the London event, explained about being already initiated by the present master and requested him to initiate me.  Ishwarji said “you are ready” and when I had heard that obviously I was all water-works :).
Finally by his grace, got initiated in Germany.