Friend Forever

My uncle, an initiate of Charan Singh Ji, kept encouraging me to watch Ishwar Ji’s videos on YouTube, but I kept putting it off. After seeking for a long time and having tried many other spiritual paths over the years, I was very devoted to a Master of the Kriya Yoga path who had passed, believing his teachings had finally provided the answers to my spiritual questions. However, since my dear uncle, who was very old and nearly blind, was eager to meet Ishwar Ji before he died, I decided to take him to one of Ishwar Ji’s events; and thought I should finally listen to one of his discourses before going. Although I liked the discourse, I thought he sounded more like an eloquent and intelligent teacher than a master. 

When we got to the event, my plan was for my uncle and I to go in together. However, when my name was called, I was told that I was also scheduled to meet Ishwar Ji alone. I explained I was only there to bring my uncle, but after some deliberation, I reluctantly decided to go ahead and meet him alone. 

After I went into the room and told Ishwar Ji why I was there, he told me that he would be my “friend forever”. I thought that was a nice thing for him to say but didn’t give it further thought; and went on to tell him I had one question about the importance of a living master, which I had heard him talk about in a discourse on YouTube. He responded, ‘I just answered your question’. I immediately fell prone to his feet. I left the room wondering what just happened, while breathing heavily and laughing uncontrollably. So I hid where no one could see or hear me because I thought that people would think I had gone crazy. 

I didn’t know that I would fall in love with a man. (My wife and kids are now in love with him too ) But now I know he is more than just a man.  As Ishwar Ji says, a  Perfect Living Master brings his marked souls to HIM by the power of  coincidences.