Warrior Monk

I was raised by a mother who was active in the Presbyterian church. At age 5, I was dismissed from Sunday School for asking what the difference was between God and Santa Claus! 

In 1967, I was drafted into the Marines after my freshman year in college. They gave me a crash course in Vietnamese and I served as a field interrogator with a combat platoon. Here I witnessed death in massive proportions and thereby became certain that death was not “bad”. I returned to college and became active in Vietnam Veterans Against the War.
In 1971, I was initiated into Transcendental Meditation, but soon became disillusioned. Instead, I went on to get a PhD in Philosophy from the University of California at Davis.
I taught Philosophy at Humboldt State University for 35 years. I specialized in an esoteric interpretation of Plato (Socrates was his PLM), as well as in Kant (I know well his arguments re the Mind’s constitution of Space, Time, and Causality). I also specialized in 19th and 20th century Philosophies of Consciousness (Western).
After retirement in 2010, I began seeking in earnest for a significant spiritual orientation, as I felt totally spiritually impoverished.
Last Fall, by coincidence of course, I discovered Ishwar Ji’s videos on YouTube. I’m forever grateful to Mark for his seva. After passionately listening to app. 100 videos, I came full circle back to UC Davis for Master’s Satsang in February.
When I came up to Him during Prashad, I told him “I love you” and he pulled me close and said “You know, you are a marked soul!” In a personal meeting about an hour later, I asked him if He were my Master then. With a somewhat perplexed look, He responded with “I’m here to take you to Sach Khand”. Of course, I was blown away and, upon Master’s instructions , I attended Bhandara to be initiated.
As one can see, I’m really a newbie! However, I am dedicated and look forward to doing seva for Ishwar Ji.