The west-ward shift in spirituality

I was born in India to a family of followers of the Beas Masters. The first members of the family were initiated sometime before 1920 from the Great Master (GM) and the successive generations followed the subsequent Masters. I was circling around the Sant Mat path for years but never quite into it. But one day I heard an old recorded satsang of Ishwarji’s that brought me to his feet. I was so moved by it that I immediately inquired about Ishwarji and was told that he is a well-known satsangi of GM and used to visit Dera Beas in the past and was ordered by GM to spread the word and initiate seekers in the West.

I had heard lot of stories from older satsangis, family members and in local satsangs about how Dera Beas (DB) was built and also how GM often use to address in his local Punjabi satsangs that a day will come when there will be 100,000’s of satsangis in the US. Now more than 100 years have passed since the first American couple was initiated by GM in 1911 and I am awestruck to see how this magic is playing out in front of our eyes today. Maybe Dera Bruce might take at least our generation to become a significant place but I have a feeling that it is Dera Beas being reborn and coming alive in Bruce. The number of satsangis will grow and as Ishwarji says, more Masters will appear to guide them. I am astonished at all this as I since childhood had a chance to see some of that action in Beas and now seeing it being replicated here in Bruce. It is all the magic of these saints who do whatever is their mauj. But they only appear to the calling of their seekers who despite their best efforts can never understand them. 

The west-ward shift in spirituality is much wider and deeper than we can see. The Sant Mat itself has experienced immense growth in the East and America is on the path to experience similar in coming decades. We who are currently living in the West are supremely blessed and are bestowed with this immense opportunity which should only cultivate in us a deep sense of devotion, humility, generosity and service to others/fellow seekers. We should be acceptable to the fact that spirituality and Masters can never be contained in physical frames, societies, organizations and sects and they truly belong to entire humanity/creation. We who have already been initiated are still seekers trying to seek inside ourselves the true form of the Master, which indeed is one and that’s LOVE. The true Master deep inside us is one and as we try to mediate every morning we are only hoping to grow from many to that oneness.