I’ve always been a yearner. Even though there’s no question that the conditions in my life this time around have been good on the outside, there’s been a deep pain/ loneliness/ longing/ knowing there’s more-ness- on the inside from day 1. Inside there had always been a missing hole. There was always a sense of pain. I used to go through a lot of internal ups and downs, periods of sadness. It seems like the Master Power served up a string of dream come trues and then, quite literally, as soon as all that was set, then all those manifested ‘things’ proved to be mirages.

About 20 years ago, I was out of college and saw a flyer advertising an instructor offering lessons in something I was interested in. I set up an appt. We became friends. She shared that she had a Master named Kirpal Singh. I knew nothing about this, though I always knew that there was a whole lot more going on than what met the eye. I did have a curiosity about religions and had grown up going to a religious school though organized religion didn’t do anything for me. I always classified myself as ‘spiritual’ and was interested in metaphysics; open to esoteric philosophies.

My friend had tons of pamphlets and books around. She gave me a few that I still have. She introduced me to Sant Ajaib Singh…I totally ‘got’ it. I attended a few satsangs and started meditating. I became a vegetarian and was about to apply for initiation. Then, my ‘future’ wife showed up. And before I truly moved forward with the path, Sant Ji left the body. I wasn’t ready.

So, I put it in the back pocket. I was told that there would be no successor. I tried another path which did not require a living master. I stopped that but always knew someday I would move on from the worldly and get with what’s really going on. Maybe when I was much older and the kids were grown etc?

Fast forward to late winter of 2015. I see that one of the books my friend gave me by Kirpal called “Morning Meditations’ is lying around. It’s not being put away. Not sure how it wasn’t packed up in a box somewhere. It kept moving from here to there…seemed to always be on top of a pile or near me on the floor. One day, it ended up in my hands. Instant re-ignition. I start meditating again, I quit eggs. Vowed never to drink alcohol again though I hardly drank anyhow. AND, I started to think, who’s the living master? I emailed the ashram devoted to Kirpal and Ajaib and found that they didn’t recognize a successor. I looked all over the internet but nothing was clear.

I was probably watching Baba Sawan Singh footage when Ishwar Puri popped up there on the side bar and I clicked over. I was struck instantly. First I was taken by his eloquence…no one can just talk like that…no one who isn’t plugged in to the real thing. I’m looking at his eyes…thinking…uh huh, yep. I’m thinking, how is it that this guy is saying he’s not a master, answering questions that he’s just a regular guy. I’m thinking…goodness, do they not see??? It’s HIM. My GOD, There’s a Perfect Living Master right there, and He’s alive today! HOW CAN I MEET HIM? HE is who He says He is not. He’s the real deal and I can’t take my eyes off Him. Hook line sinker 24/7

So, I found the ISHA site, looked at the schedule, chose Toronto in June (about 3 months off) and made my way. I hope to someday be able to describe the feeling when I first laid eyes on Him. Magical. In my personal interview, I asked Ishwar Puri if He’d accept me for initiation…He laughed and said ‘Yes. You know why? Because you are ready” but you’ll have to come to Rice Lake in April, or September”. I said, well, I like September. On my way out the door He graciously called out, “I’m your friend from today, formality in September”. Thank You Thank YOU Master.… September comes and I along with a small group of others were formally initiated by the great Ishwar Puri Ji.