This page is/will be dedicated to the contribution from the loving Satsangis 

Satsangi Corner

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Someone who associates with truth. However, various religious groups have hijacked the term to mean something else: a devotee of some particular dogma.

Unless all of those dogmas are equally true, some of those “satsangis” are more genuinely associated with truth than others are. Going further, a real satsangi is open to truth in whatever form, shape, or manner it manifests. Thus a true satsangi can’t allow himself or herself to be limited by any dogmatic religious barrier. Truth has to be followed wherever it leads.

Having been unable to VERIFY sant mat, I told the Master that I could no longer feel honest or competent about asserting it to others by speaking in satsang, the same approach as Hazur Maharaj Baba Sawan Singh ji encourages in Spiritual Gems. It felt a bit presumptive.

Anyway it should be made clear that the translation of the word satsangi is: one who associates with truth. As contrasted with one who identifies with a congregation of fellow believers.

As contrasted with: one who HOPES THAT WHAT THEY BELIEVE IN WILL TURN OUT TO BE TRUE. Satsangi does not translate as one who willingly accepts philosophical assertions. Satsangi does not translate as a believer in hypotheses. Satsangi means……. one who is increasingly open to truth. The truth will set us free.  Simply.