Spiritual Discourses by Ishwar Puri

Youtube Videos

2017 YouTube Videos ( 29 videos)

London | UK 1 – June  Reality and Illusion
London | UK 2 – June  Mysterious ways of the Masters
London | UK 3 – June  The Importance of Sound
London | UK 4 – June Knowing One’s Past of Future is Not Advisable
Besalu | Spain 1 – July The True Meaning of Initiation
Besalu | Spain 2 – July The Three Covers Upon The Self
Besalu | Spain 3 – July You Are The Creator of Your Destiny
Besalu | Spain 4 – July Our Relationships Are Like Algebra
Stockholm | Sweden 1 – July  The Science of Spirituality
Stockholm | Sweden 2 – July  Seeking the Secret
Stockholm | Sweden 3 – July  Some Coincidences Are Grace @ Work
Stockholm | Sweden 4 – July  We Are All Co-Travelers
NJ | USA 1 – July He Speaks At The Same Level As We Are
NJ | USA 2 – July Grace Dawns Even If We Don’t Deserve It
NJ | USA 3 – July Actual Faith Is When You Have No Doubt
NJ | USA 4 – July All The Answers Are Within
NJ | USA 5 – July Explore, Investigate And Convince Yourself
NJ | USA 6 – July The Sound Does Not Disappear At Any Level
Utrecht | The Netherlands 1- August The Inner Body Pre-Existed The Physical Body
Utrecht | The Netherlands 2- August We Did Not Come To Experience Pain And Suffering
Grayslake, IL | USA (Sept 8) 1 – Community Meeting
Grayslake, IL | USA (Sept 8) 2 – Community Meeting
Rice Lake, WI | USA (Sept 15) 1 – What Does Meditation do for us? What is our True Reality?
Rice Lake, WI | USA (Sept 15) 2 – Meditation and Seeking..stories from the east as helpful example
Rice Lake, WI | USA (Sept 16) 1 – Difference between Mental Meditation and Spiritual Meditation
Rice Lake, WI | USA (Sept 16) 2 – What is Maya? What is the Dream World? What is Illusion? How is Reality Created?
Rice Lake, WI | USA (Sept 17) – Sound of the Inner Self through Daily Meditation

2015 YouTube Videos (40 videos)

New Jersey 1- Karma Creates Physical Life
New Jersey 2- The Soul Is the Conscious Power of Life
New Jersey 3- The Secret to the Path Is Seeking
New Jersey 4- One Soul Is Creating Experience of the Many
Montreal, Canada 1- Astral Body Is a Capacity of Sense Perception
Montreal, Canada 2- Everything Is a Product of Our Mind
Chicago, IL  1- Different Kinds of Gurus and Sant Satguru
Chicago, IL  2- Real Spiritual Path Is Love and Devotion
Bangalore, India – Karma Is Created By Intention To Act
Stuttgart, Germany 1- Love and Devotion Is the Secret of Spiritual Path
Stuttgart, Germany 2- The Higher Awareness You Have, The Happiest You Get
Stuttgart, Germany 3- Relationship with Perfect Living Master is Soul to Soul
Rice Lake Bhandara 1- Bhandara – Dying While Living
Rice Lake Bhandara 2- Creation is the Projection of the Consciousness
Rice Lake Bhandara 3- Bhandara Hazur Baba Sawan Singh-Go Within Your Own Consciousness
Rice Lake Bhandara 4- The Truth The Self-Totality of Consciousness is the Only Unchangeable Reality
Rice Lake Bhandara 5- Use Spiritual Awareness to Override Your Mind
Rice Lake Bhandara 6- Sound Is the Radiance of the Self
Rice Lake Bhandara 7- The Soul Is The Self
Madison, WI 1 Happiness Comes From Inside
Madison, WI 2 As Faith Builds, Love for the Master Keeps Growing
Memphis, TN 1 Truth Can Be Found By Listening To Your Own Self
Memphis, TN 2 Raise Your Awareness to the Level of Your Totality of Consciousness
Chicago, IL  Self Is the Only Certain Reality
Minneapolis, MN 1- You Create Your World From Your Perception
Minneapolis, MN 2- We Created World of Duality
Delhi, India 1 Mind Is The Only Problem On Spiritual Path
Delhi, India 2, 3 The Real Form of The Master Is Shabd – Sound Current
Sebastopol, Ukraine 1 Use Imagination To Transfer Attention From Outside To Inside
Sebastopol, Ukraine 2 If You Are Seeker-Perfect Master Will Come To Your Life
Sebastopol, Ukraine 3 We Are Operating as Unit of Consciousness in the Body
Sebastopol, Ukraine 4 All Events Are Based On Past Karma
Sebastopol, Ukraine 5 Spiritual Work Should Be Priority Number One
Sebastopol, Ukraine 6 Each One Of Us Is Living Our Own Karma
Sacramento, CA 1 Withdrawal of Attention Is Not the Same Thing as Focusing of Attention
Sacramento, CA 2 We Reject Most True PLMs and Go To Pretentious Ones
Chicago, IL 1 Soul Needs Love, Mind Needs Faith
Chicago, IL 2 You Are Pulled by Sound to Your Own Self
Chicago, IL 1 Only In Wakeful State You Can Find Truth About Self
Chicago, IL 2 How Do Different Category Masters Work

2014 YouTube Videos (56 videos)

Chicago 1 Seek Within Yourself And You Will Find
Chicago 2 The Experiencer – the Ultimate Self Is the Only Reality
Orlando 1 Ishwar Ji 88th Birthday part-1
Orlando 2 Spiritual Path is Love and Devotion | 88th Birthday part-2
Brisbane 1 Criteria to Meet Enlightened Master
Brisbane 2 The Real Master Is Always Inside
Brisbane 3 Attention Creates Reality For Us
Brisbane 4 Experience of Love Requires Feeling of Separation
Singapore 1 Human Body is the Greatest Miracle
Singapore 2 Mind Is Acting Like God
Singapore 3 Meditation Should Be Way of Life
Bruce New Western Spiritual Center in Bruce WI
Rice LakeL 1 We Are Here and Now
Rice Lake 2 All Spiritual Knowledge Is Inside You
Rice Lake 3 Source of Creation Is Within Yourself
Rice Lake 4 Put Meditation as Priority Number One
Rice Lake 5 Find Radiant Form of the Master
Minneapolis 1 All Souls Are the Same – No Discrimination
Minneapolis 2 All the Answers Are Hidden Inside Us
Greece 1 Reality Depends on Your Attention – Origin of Attention Is Your Real Home
Greece 2 Without Grace Nothing Happens
Greece 3 True Self is Total Consciousness
Greece 4 True Home is Beyond the Mind
Greece5 Perfect Living Master Will Pull You
Chicago 1 Soul Provides All the Power To Make Life
Chicago 2 Soul Is Consciousness – Sound Current Is the Soul
Stockholm 1 The Purpose of Human Life
Stockholm 2 Journey Through Awareness to Our True Home
Stockholm 3 Yoga of Attention and Sound
Stockholm 4 Without Consciousness Nothing Is Alive
Stockholm 5 Love Is The Most Powerful Healer
Stockholm 6 Initiation Takes Place At The Third Eye Center
Stockholm 7 This Path Is Based On Love and Devotion
Calgary 1 Love and Devotion Takes Us to True Home
Calgary 2 Mind Is the Creator of Doubt and Fear
Calgary 3 Happiness Comes From Within
Calgary 4 Our Own True Self Is the Only Reality
Chicago 1 Dhunatmak Resonance Comes from Sach Khand
Chicago 2 Spirituality Is Not a Religion
Bhandara 1 Sense Perceptions Creates World For Us
Bhandara 2 Sense Perceptions Are Built Into Astral Body
Bhandara 3 Nothing Is Real – It Is Play of Consciousness
Bhandara 4 Meditation – By Regular Practice You Can Do Anything
Bhandara 5 Sant Mat Takes Us Beyond the Mind
Bhandara 6 The Master and the Sound Are One
Bhandara 7 Mind Is the Only Obstacle to Go Home
Bhandara 8 Attachments Are Not Love
Bhandara 9/10 Art of Concentrating Attention Behind the Eyes
Bhandara 11 Bhandara Hazur Baba Sawan Singh Stories
Los Angeles 1 What Is Outside is Merely Reflection Of What Is Inside
Los Angeles 2 Time Is the Biggest Trap
Los Angeles 3 Karma Is Created In Human Form By Intention To Act
Los Angeles 4 Practice Meditation and You Will Get Experience
Los Angeles 5 Initiation by the Perfect Living Master
Chicago 1 Consciousness Is the Creator of Everything
Chicago 2 Karma Is Created By Our Mind

2013 YouTube Videos (53 videos)

Chicago 1 We Create Karma in Physical Human Level
Chicago 2 Perfect Living Master Has Never Said He Is The Master
Orlando 1 87th Birthday – Purpose of Creation | Consciousness Creates Experience
Orlando 2 87th Birthday – The Path Is To Go Within Your Own Self
LZ 1 Seek In Your Heart To Find True Friend
LZ 2 Mind Creates Mental Games
Chicago 1 Imagination and Attention Needed for Good Meditation
Chicago 2 Real Knowledge is Beyond the Mind
Chicago 3 Satguru Is Carrying Consciousness of Totality
Chicago 4 Sound Pulls Our Attention Up
Chicago 5 Master Is the Sound Current
Chicago 6 Meditation Creates Clarity Inside
NY 2 Listen To the Sound of Consciousness
NY 3 Soul is Consciousness and Life
NY 4 We’re Living in Timeless State
NY 5 Do Your Best – Leave the Rest
Chicago 1 Withdraw Attention To Yourself
Chicago 2 Surat-Shabd_Yoga_is_Sahaj_Yoga
Minneapolis 1 Wakeup to Test Who We Really Are
Minneapolis 2 Julian Johnson – Path of The Masters
Mumbai 1 Mind Creates Doubt and Fear
Mumbai 2 Who Is Perfect Living Sant Satguru?
Pune 1 Consciousness Creates Different Bodies
Pune 2 Hold Your Attention Behind The Eyes
Pune 3 Initiation by Param Sant Satguru
London 1 Practice Withdrawal Of Attention
London 2 Spiritual Path Is Not Religion | Ask Your Master For Help To Move Forward
London 3 Loneliness Goes Away On Spiritual Path
London 4 Master’s Love Is Unconditional
London 5 Eat Less, Talk Less, Sleep Less, Meditate More
Chicago 1 Totality Of Consciousness Is The Ultimate Creator
Chicago 2 Seeking Pulls Us Up To Sant Satguru
Toronto 1 With Free Will You Can Seek To Go Home
Toronto 2 Meditation Gives You The Truth and Knowledge
Toronto 3 Do Meditation Every Day
Montreal 1 Soul Has No Karma, Mind Creates Karma
Montreal 2 All the Answers Are Inside Us
Montreal 3 Seeking is the Secret – Do Not Stop Seeking
Bhandara 1 Devotion Is The Response to Love
Bhandara 2 Love Is Coming From Soul
Bhandara 3 Go To Source of Experience
Bhandara 4 Experience of One and Many in Sach Khand
Bhandara 5 Souls Are The Same, Minds Are Different
Bhandara 6 Sound of Consciousness is the Real Life Force
Bhandara 7 Faith in Perfect Living Master
SFO 1 Our Mind Creates Obstacles
SFO 2 Shabd Sound Pulls You Up
SFO 3 Self Resides In Wakeful Consciousness
SFO 4 Sound Current is Manifestation of Consciousness
SFO 5 Meditation is the Lifestyle
SFO 6 Don’t Stop Seeking
Sacramento True Home Lies Within Yourself
Chicago Illusion or Reality

2012 YouTube Videos (36 videos)

Bruce, WI – Spiritual Conference Center
Chicago 1 – Go Within and Practice More Meditation
Chicago 2 – Desires and Attachments Create Suffering
Orlando 1 – Fundamentals of Good Meditation
Orlando 2 – Meditation Techniques
Chicago 1 – We Don’t Practice Enough Meditation
Chicago 2 – How To Meditate and Spiritual Experience
Chicago 3 – Negative Power Is Fighting For Every Soul
Chicago 4 – Love and Devotion Pulls You Up
Chicago 1 – How Perfect Living Master Takes Souls Back Home
Chicago 2 – Soul Creates Experience of Love
London 1 – Spiritual Path of Love and Devotion
London 2 – Higher Realms of Consciousness
London 3 – Surat Shabd – Sound Current Pulls Us Up
London 4 – What is Consciousness
London 5 – Unconditional Love of the Perfect Living Master
Chicago 1 – Divine Intervention |  Meditation
Chicago2 – Power of Concentration of Attention | Secret of Meditation
Chicago 1 – Human Mind | Attention | Meditation
Chicago2 – Levels of Competency of Spiritual Masters
Rice Lake 1- Love and Master | Path to Sach Khand
Rice Lake 2- Reincarnation | Power of Attention
Rice Lake 3- Who Are Perfect Living Masters?
Rice Lake 4- 2012 – Year of Great Change
Rice Lake 5- 3 Mental Unreal Worlds
Rice Lake 6- Bhandara of Hazur Baba Sawan Singh
Rice Lake 7- Sant Mat Meditation Tips
NoCA 2- Who Are We? | Preparation for Spiritual Path
NoCA 3- Surat Shabd Yoga Technique of Meditation | Audible Life Stream
Los Angeles 1- Spiritual Path and Different Masters
Los Angeles 2- Love of Perfect Master | Sant Mat
Los Angeles 3- What is Initiation by Perfect Living Master?
Los Angeles 4- Hazur Sawan Singh | Origin  of the Self | Totality of Consciousness
Los Angeles 5- What is Life? | 5 Levels on Consciousness
Chicago 1 – Spiritual Love | Consciousness | Role of Mind | Illusion of Time
Chicago 2 – Recognize Perfect Living Master | Predetermined Destiny | Time Travel

2011 YouTube Videos (30 videos)

Chicago1 – Where is God | Spirit of Consciousness
Chicago2 – Dying While Living | Experience of Free Will
Bruce – Ishwar Puri Ji 85th Birthday
Chicago – Secret of Spiritual Path | Who is God | Power of Listening | Priorities
Chicago – Faith | Destiny | Par Brahm | Detachment | Initiation
Chicago – Seva | Chakras | Sleep | Marked Souls | Perfect Masters | Faith | Meditation
Chicago – Difference between Religion and Spiritual Path | Meditation Love Devotion
Mpls – Coincidences | Intuition | Dreams | Indecision | Karma | Free Will
Mpls – Soul | Mind | Astral Body | Love | Master | Religions
Chicago – Mind | Inner Sounds | Ghosts | Disembodied Spirits | Hazur Sawan Singh
Chicago – Death | Human Body | Karma | Mind | Soul | Attachments
Chicago – Simran  | Meditation Instructions | Inner Sounds | Suffering | Awareness
Chicago – Love | God | Truth | Attention | Happiness | Living Master
RL – Astral Flying | Meditation Instructions | Practical Meditation Tips
RL – Having A Living Master
RL – 8 Senses | Love and Devotion | Meditation Tips | Sub-Astral
RL – Seva | Meditation Instructions | Surat Shabd | Sant Mat
RL – Healing | Karma | Meditation Exercises | Dreams | Astral Body
RL – Spiritual Practices | Astral Body | Spirit | Mind | Attention
Phi – Master | Karma | Gratitude | Spiritual Progress
Phi – Vegetarian Diet | What Goes With Us After Death?
Phi – Mind Soul | Overcoming Loneliness | True Real Master
Phi – Meditation Techniques | Mind & Karma
Phi – Truth Within Ourselves | Illusion and Reality
RL – Four Principles of Indian Spirituality
LA – Attachments | Meditation | Perfect Masters
LA – How to Meditate and Go Within
RL – Mind | Karma | Consciousness
RL – Bhandara 2011 | Grace | Mind | Soul
RL – Hazur Baba Sawan Singh | The Great Master | Bhandara 2011