a comparative study of yogas and Surat Shabd Yoga

Crown of Life

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“I have written books without any copyright—no rights reserved—because it is a Gift of God, given by God, as much as sunlight; other gifts of God are also free.”

—from a talk by Kirpal Singh at Santa Clara University, San Jose, California on November 16, 1972.

Sant Kirpal Singh passed on from this earth in 1974. Therefore, He is no longer taking on new people to guide out of this world and back to God. He left many books that explain, as much as can be conferred in a worldly language, the meaning of life. The books and the Ruhani Satsang website http://www. RuhaniSatsangUSA.org/ are maintained to help stir an interest in God and to help people know what to look for in their search for the way back home. When asked about a successor, we can only offer this quotation from the Master: Today there is a great awakening beginning. Some have got the answer, some have not, but the search to solve the mystery of life has been born all over the world. The day that question arises in the mind is the greatest day of one’s life, for once it is born, it does not succumb until it is satisfied. So, make your life an example of the teachings you follow — live up to them. If you have a strong desire to get it, then God Himself will make the arrangements for you.

The other books by Sant Kirpal Singhji Maharaj are as follows:

  • Godman – the mission, nature and need of a spiritual Master.
  • A Great Saint: Baba Jaimal Singh – a biography of Baba Jaimal Singh, Kirpal Singh’s “GrandMaster”
  • His Grace Lives On – 15 intimate talks from summer 1974
  • The Jap Ji: The Message of Guru Nanak – extensive explanation of the spiritual principles taught by Guru Nanak
  • The Light of Kirpal – a collection of talks given between Sept ’69 and Dec ’71.
  • Morning Talks – a series of short informal talks giving practical advice on the general subject of spirituality.
  • The Mystery of Death – The Saints … know the shadowy character of death and teach us that death is not what it seems.
  • Naam or Word – an in depth study of the Celestial Sound Current or God into Expression Power called variously: Naam, Word, Music of the Spheres, Shabd, etc.
  • The Night is a Jungle – a collection of 14 public discourses on spirituality.
  • PRAYER: Its Nature and Technique – Discusses all forms and aspects of prayer.
  • Seven Paths to Perfection – Discussion of the virtues of non-violence, truthfulness, chastity, humility, vegetarian diet, selfless service and spiritual practices.
  • Spiritual Elixir – Collected questions addressed to Kirpal Singh in private correspondence with respective answers.
  • SPIRITUALITY: What it is – an exploration of the Science of Spirituality.
  • Surat Shabd Yoga – an introduction to “The Path” and the teachings of Kirpal Singh
  • Teachings of Kirpal Singh – a compendium from talks and writings collected to illuminate aspects of spiritual life.
  • The Way of the Saints: SANT MAT – collected short writings, booklets, circular letters, and seasonal messages.
  • The Wheel of Life – about Karma, “As you sow, so shall you reap”.