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Bhwanwar Gufa, Causal-Astral Expressway,
Sachkhand, D0M3D-1TAT10N
  • Telephone: +1 800 SACHKHAND
  • Freephone:+1 800 SACHKHAND
  • E-mail: ishwardas@plmishwarpuri.com
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This site is for just for information.   This site is not for profit or to do any business whatsoever.  If you are curious about knowing more about Master then please visit www.IshaNews.org or http://hazursawanishwarpuri.com/

If you have question about anything or find any content objectionable then please email us or fill out the form, stating your reason I will honor your request promptly.   I would like to apologize in advance if this has caused you any inconvenience – my intention is not to hurt anybody’s sentiments.

Also I would like to offer my gratitude in advance for any or all suggestion/advice that you may want to share.