unexcelled certainty of  unfolding mysteries of what is & not..

Anatomy of Consciousness

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The information contained in this book is totally unique.  No parallel exists! It reflects the highest flight of philosophy and human understanding.  It is an evolution, an acceleration, a quantum leap from the realms of ordinary knowledge to those which lie beyond logic and reason.

The benefit which result from the development of the intuitive process in human consciousness include, our problems become easier to resolve; life takes on an expanded meaning and new significance, permitting one to live it to its fullest; we eventually arrive at the totality of everything…within and without; we regain the source of all knowledge.. and more! It is a process that completely transcends the intellect… experiential… direct perception … instantaneous, without time or space … the suspension of all thinking… achieving higher states of knowledge … unexcelled certainty unfolding mysteries of what is and what is not… transforming duality into oneness.. these are but a few of the kinds of experiences which lie beyond the mind within and within these pages.

The above foreword by Leonard Ingram, 1983

Some excerpts from the book are as follows:

We as conscious being existed, even when no time existed! The capacity of consciousness, the ability to be aware, was and will remain when all time ends!  And those rarest of practitioners of the art of meditation, those who have reached this fourth level of pure spiritual consciousness, have described it as being so luminous and so bright, that light coming from our solar sun would be like the light of a match in comparison!

 When the causal region is traversed, and you are able to enter into a higher level of conscious experience, then alone are you able to realize that TIME is not an indispensable coordinate of experience, that one can have experience WITHOUT time!   You are able to have the experience of “timeless” time!  This timeless time is where all time is total!  All time is existing in ONE SINGLE MOMENT and you need not move backwards or forward!

We have become so engrossed in our ordinary pursuits and passions that we are hardly aware of the hard faces of life which stare us right in the face!  If only we would honestly look at these facts, we would tremble.  We would be shaken to the very core of our being by their impact.  It requires only a little common sense on our part and a little detachment from our engrossing preoccupations to see how utterly meaningless and dream-like the whole drama, being played on the stage of this world, would be if there was nothing more to life. Should we not try to go deeper into the question of human existence and its problems instead of living our lives thoughtlessly?

Consciousness, which is creator of all experiences, is inside us….within our own self, and all answers must come from there.   The teacher, the “Guru”, the master, is within ourselves, and we have to discover him “within”.

God-realization does not fall within the laws of causation! God-realization is not causal, it is “acausal”…..without any cause!