Books on this Science by other Authors

Book Review

Ishwar C. Puri
  • Spirituality and Total Health by Ishwar C. Puri
  • On Love by Ishwar C. Puri
  • New Age Old Path by Ishwar C. Puri
  • Know Thyself by Ishwar C. Puri
  • Beyond Logic and Reason by Ishwar C. Puri
  • Anatomy of Consciousness by Ishwar C. Puri
Kirpal Singh
Dr. Julian Johnson
  • Path of the Masters by 
Soamiji Maharaj – Sar Bachan Prose
Baba Jaimal Singh – Spiritual Letters to Hazur Maharaj Sawan Singh: 1896 – 1903 
Maharaj Sawan Singh
  • The Dawn of Light (Letters to Western Disciples: 1911 – 1934
  • Discourses on Sant Mat
  • My Submissions
  • Philosophy of the Masters (Gurmat Sidhant)
  • Spiritual Gems
  • Tales of the Mystic East (as narrated in Satsang)
Maharaj Jagat Singh – The Science of the Soul
Maharaj Charan Singh
  • Die to Live
  • Divine Light
  • Light on St. John
  • Light on St. Mathew
  • Light on Sant Mat (discourses and letters: 1952 – 1958)
  • The Masters Answers
  • The Path
  • Quest for Light
  • Spiritual Discourses
  • Spiritual Heritage
  • Thus Saith the Master (to audiences in America: 1970)
Books About the Masters
  • Call of the Great Master – Diwan Daryai Lal Kapur
  • Heaven on Earth - Diwan Daryai Lal Kapur
  • Treasure Beyond Measure – Shanti Sethi
  • With a Great Master in India – Julian P. Johnson
  • With the Three Masters, in 2 vols. – from the diary of Rai Sahib Munshi Ram
Introduction to Spirituality
  • A Spiritual Primer – Hector Esponda Dubin
  • Honest Living: A Means to an End – M. F. Singh
  • The Inner Voice – Colonel C. W. Sanders
  • Liberation of the Soul – J. Stanley White
  • Life is Fair: The Law of Cause and Effect – Brian Hines