Dr. Johnson's letter to Mr. & Mrs. Myers

A Conversation with Jesus

This is a letter written by Julian Johnson to Mr & Mrs. Meyers who were representatives of Great Master Sawan Singh in America. In this letter Julian Johnson talks about his meeting and conversation with Jesus.

Punjab, India, Nov. 3, 1936

Dear Brother and dear Sister,

I have taken much longer over this promised note than I had intended. My chief difficulty was that I could not describe Father as I would like to.
There is no photograph of him which I could send you as a substitute for the description. He has not been photographed so far. One hears so much of idol worship in India; but Saints one and all have condemned this form of worship.

They advocate the worship of the Master within, at the eye focus; for it is that form which remains with the disciple, even after death. The evil practice, however, creeps in sooner or later any way. The followers, on the account of the weakness of human nature, some during the lifetime of a saint; but generally when he is off the scene.

To avoid any possible chance of this practice creeping in, Father preferred not to be photographed at all. On repeated requests from us, mostly in behalf of our brother and sisters in America, he has been played to say, “It will be seen.” From this I conclude something will come out. That is my apology for delay.

You ask whether Father is an incarnation or an adept. You must have read in the discourses that there is no difference in the spiritual powers of an incarnation and those of an adept. When the method of sound practice becomes extinct in the world then the Supreme Being sends an incarnation to survive it, and incarnation starts a line of adepts who succeed him one after another and preach the method of sound practice to the world.

Thus, Kabir was an incarnation and the successors in his line were adepts. Guru Nanak was an incarnation and his successors were adepts. Similarly, in this line, Swami Ji was an incarnation and his successors, including our Father, would be called adepts from the point of view of “Discourses.”

I may mention here that if someone says to Father that he is an adept or a Guru, or some such thing, his reply invariably is: “Guru is the Lord”, and he would be happy if His Saints would only let him sit at their holy feet. Flattery is foreign to his nature. As to his earthly career, he comes from a very respectable family with military traditions; of Garewal Jat, Sikhs of Ludhiana district in the Punjab, and was sub divisional officer in the military works Engineering Department. His father and grandfather were commissioned officers in the army. He married at about the age of twenty five and has two sons who manage the estate at home.

For the last twenty eight years he has been leading a strictly bachelor life. He retired from government service in 1910 and ever since has been living on his own pension and does not accept any kind of presents from any of his followers. His diet is very simple. It consists of milk, milk products, bread and vegetables. He goes to bed usually between eleven and twelve o’clock at night, and gets up at three a.m. in winter and six in summer. He spends the day giving discourses to those who might have come for the purpose, or in study of spiritual books, and in looking after the hermitage. His evenings are given to meditation. His preachings and practices strictly coincide.

As to his physical body; he is now in his 68th year, and has a most reverential face with snowy white beard shining on his breast. His eyes have a peculiar lustre in them. His personal magnetism attracts everyone who has the privilege of sitting in his company. One cannot pass his by without noticing something new and unusual.

It is very fine for you to have the faith that when I return to America you can and will have hospital ready for me. I thank you for that hopeful statement. It is all up to the Master what I shall do. But so far as I can gather, He intends for me to return to America to carry on for Him as soon as I am ready for it. The best way to carry on, I think, would be to have a little hospital in which I can do my professional work, and make my services free to all, letting each one contribute what he may be able to pay and then do all of this work in the name of the Master, letting the public know it is that way. That will stimulate a lot of inquiry and may bring many to the Path. The Master looks for a great many disciples to seek initiation in the near future.

The gracious Master has just thing morning assigned to me a nice bungalow and enclosure more remote from the noise. It will have shade and some flowers and plants and has all I need to be quite comfortable. How he knows everything you will see. I went with my servant boy to see this place and also another man. While I was there looking it a boy came over running to tell me the Master was coming. He came and asked me if I liked it, and said that I could have the place and he would have it cleaned and put in order and fixed up any way I liked it. Said later He would build another room on top of it for me to sleep in during hot weather next year. The place is remote from the noise of all central buildings where I am now. It is the quietest place on the Dera for my meditations, He said that the gates should be closed and no one allowed to come to my enclosure unless I wanted them. He is a wonderful father. I wish I could tell you all my experiences since coming here. But I cannot tell it all. I have had enough experience to convert faith into knowledge. Now I know he is a true Master and this is the path of light and freedom. How thankful I am no one can tell, and I tell you Big Brother, we are mighty fortunate that we have the guiding hand of a true Sat Guru to take us on and up. Very great is our good fortune.

Yes, I wish with all my heart you could be here, even for a little while. But I don’t see how it can be managed. Maybe some way will be provided in the future. I would never have started out to come here without money if it had not been that I felt certain that I could earn my way as a doctor after I got here. Any my conviction was true. This is just how it is. So far as I see this may continue indefinitely as long as the Master is pleased to have me here, and He has said that He wanted me to stay until I was ready to take up the work elsewhere, presumably in America.

                O, I must tell you, I had a wonderful communication with Jesus, by cooperation and help of the Master and four others. The method I cannot explain now, but I will tell you a part of what He said. He is tall, thin man, of fair skin and sunburn hair and blue eyes. He was at that time wearing a white blouse and black pants. He told us that he was mixed blooded, being partly Jew and partly Aryan. I forgot to ask which parent was Aryan, but presumably it was his father, and mother being a Jewess. He said he actually died on the cross and that neither Jew nor Romans were especially to blame as that was his appointed way of death and had to be so. He said his doing many miracles was a mistake. He said now His mother was above him in spiritual development, that Judas was sitting now near him and other disciples were scattered here and there. He said in the modern Christian churches there was scarcely a remnant of his true teachings. He said that he taught much the same of all the Masters of all the ages have taught. Said he learnt most of his teaching from internal meditation and not from any others. Said he got some help from others while in India, but he was not here very long, as some reports have it. He said he was secretly married, that Mary, the sister of Lasrus was his wife, although the fact was not published to the world. He said it never got into history because it was kept a secret. When I asked him if he had any advice to give me, he replied that he could not advise me because I had been initiated by a great Guru and was under his directions, that I was already superior to him and rapidly go to the higher regions. Of course, I take it just as a courteous and kind way of speaking when he said that I was already superior to him. Unless he meant possibly that I had superior advantages to him, being connected with a true Guru who can take me up and being still in the body gives one vastly superior opportunity to travel inwards and upward. They say that one minute of meditation in the earthly body is better than one year of meditation on any of the intermediate planes. Jesus said his time was spent almost entirely in meditation and that he was not going to return to earth for any other incarnation. He said that he was not an incarnation of Zoroaster, for that Saint was now sitting close to him. So, you can see that much of information we had concerning him had been rather mixed up. He said that much of what was in the New Testament about him was not true. Even the Rosicrucian stories given in the mystic life of Jesus is not much of it true.

This was a marvelous opportunity I had. As soon as was through talking to me he returned to his devotions in the oriental sitting posture, shifted his legs to two or three positions and sat quiet and silent, just like any regular Satsangi does.

I thought it quiet significant when he said his mother was above him now in development. We have a number of women here in Satsang now who are above him in the degree of their development. But with all that he is a dear soul and we must give him our love and our tenderest thoughts and best wishes. No doubt you will have the gracious privilege to see him and talk with him and see the beautiful realm in which he resides now, as you go on in the course of your development. Of course, I cannot see him and his realm now independently; not yet. I was only helped by the Master and others to enjoy this gracious privilege of communicating with Jesus. But I just had to tell you about it. Use your judgement about telling others about it. They will not believe in its reality. And this is sacred to us.

I guess this will be enough for this time. Perhaps too much. Please write me often to tell me all about things as soon as you have any news to write. Get back the little Samadhi as soon as you can.

Affectionately your brother,

(Sd.) Julian P. Johnson