Letters written by Dr. Johnson to Ms. Elizabeth Bruce


P.O. Dera Baba Jaimal Singh 
Dera Baba Jaimal Singh 

7th September, 1932

My dear Miss Bruce,

I intended to write to you sooner after my return from Agra; but many things have kept me very busy. I have felt like expressing myself rather poetically and romantically about my delightful visits with you, so much did I enjoy them. But even if I limit myself to strictly prosaic expressions, it would take many adjectives to describe my pleasure and real joy in meeting you, and visiting with you, the only woman of my own race and country whom I have met so far in all India, and the fact that you are here in pursuit of the same lofty ideals, has made this meeting doubly significant. I was very sorry that I had no longer time to spend with you and I assure you of my great appreciation of your very kind invitation to stay there longer and how you would feed me real American food. All of that would have been a great treat. But you know that my purpose in India is not sightseeing or pleasure or recreation. It is the very serious business of seeking the ‘Light’ within, and all things must give way to that one pursuit. I must follow the Master each day in every detail, doing His work and conforming to His will, so far as lies in my power.

The trip with my Master has endeared Him to me and convince me more than ever of His true greatness and of His genuine divinity. There is not one lingering doubt left. I know I am in good hands and in hands that will lead me to the Highest Regions in due time. There is no doubt but He has reached those regions and is Master of all the intervening Regions. Hence, He is able to help His disciples to reach those regions. He is able to help us overcome the adverse actions of mind, while we are struggling to concentrate and go within. Without his help this troublesome mind and Maya would not permit us to enter the Real Path.

I have thought much about you and I sincerely wish I had an opportunity to talk more with you, especially concerning the Five Names and the journey inside, by way of the Five Stations whose names I gave you. It is quite incomprehensible to me how your leader or Guru has not made you familiar with those things when they are so essential to a successful journey within. Our business is to go to Sach Khand, the first plane of the pure spiritual realm. After that Sat Purush will take us on up by His own love and power. We must make that journey by regular stages, one station at a time, exposing and mastering each Region as we enter and pass it. That can be done only by means of the Five Names given you, with a definite knowledge of those Five Regions through which we are to pass. You can not make the journey by taking the Name of the Supreme Region and expect to jump to that Region right over all of the others. For one has to gain certain development as he goes along, fitting him to enter and pass from one Region to the another. It is definitely a matter of successive stages and progressive unfoldment. All of this is fixed for us and it can not be changed or modified, if we are to believe Soamiji, the Founder of this system. I am going to quote verbatim a paragraph from the Prose Sar Bachan. It is paragraph 16. It reads as follows:-

“Up to this place are the regions of Shabda (Word), or Nad (Sound). Corresponding to the five regions from Sat Loka down to Sahasdal Kamal, there are five words or Shabdas which can be made known to us by a Perfect Preceptor or Sant Sat Guru. Each region has its own distinctive word, having its own distinct form. The fifth word is in the Sat Loka. It is not possible to give any description, oral or written, of the word current beyond that. There is no parallel in this world to illustrate that sound. The Adept will only know that word when He reaches that region. The Five Words mark the five regions. It is with the sound of the word of each region that the soul ascends from one region to another. The ascent of the spirit is absolutely impossible in any other way, especially in this age of Kal-Yuga.”

[Note: This paragraph quoted above by Dr. Johnson is from Sar Bachan Poetry, Part One, Huzur Maharaj Rai Saligram Bahadur’s Abstract of Soamiji’s Teachings.]

So, we have the highest authority given us to show the vital importance of the Five Names in this method of Yoga and it is quite clear that no one has any authority to change this method, if we are to believe in Soamiji at all. If someone else can come along in less than a hundred years after Him and change the most vital part of His system, then I think we can have little confidence in any of it. But the fact that so many in the last century have successfully made the journey by that method, I think, has quite well established its value and correctness. I have yet to hear any one who has reached the higher regions by the use of one name alone and without even a knowledge of those regions you are to pass. I think, my dear, your time has been spent in vain, seeking the perfect illumination, by means of the very limited knowledge of the essential names and Regions. I am anxious for you to get started right and make no mistake. Each region has its own distinct colours and sounds, also. But I did not give them to you, as they are not so vital. But will give them to you if you wish them. By means of these colours, sounds and many other facts and descriptions which our Master has told us, we are enabled to know just exactly where we are in the course of our inward journey. You were puzzled to know just how far you had gone. There is no possibility of being thus puzzled if you have the complete instructions given by the Real Sat Guru who has Himself been over that Path. You are entitled to that knowledge. Demand it. If your Guru can not give it to you, find out why.

Now, maybe I have written too much. But if I have erred, it is out of an earnest desire to help a sister who seeks the light and can not afford to miss the true Path.

If you care to discuss any of these things further, please write me fully and freely and I shall take pleasure in answering to the best of my ability.

I imagine if you were to see me today, you would not care to owe me as a fellow countryman. I am endeavoring to grow a beard and it looks terrible just now and feels about as bad as it looks. I have long had an ambition to grow a Van Dyke beard, and decided that now was a good opportunity. If I do not like it when it is full grown there is always the satisfaction that it can be cut off.

The weather is warm here. I imagine it is warm in Agra. They say we have only about one month more of hot weather, and it is not unbearable even now, like it was the first of June, before we left for the sea coast.

The Beloved Master has assigned to me a nice little bungalow standing a way off to itself, remote from most of the noise of the central part of this Dera or station and they are cleaning it up now and getting it ready for me. It will be just fine for the meditations. Too much noise where I am, right in the centre of the station. I shall have flowers and plants and a real garden of my own, though I will not promise to work it myself. There is a secure wall all around to keep out too inquisitive visitors, a very secluded place. He said next year if I liked he would build another storey on top of it for sleeping. It is now only one storey building. And I am going to have an oven so I can have real American whole wheat biscuits. You surely must come and eat some of them with me. I have now arranged for the exclusive rights to the milk of one cow and so I can get some cream, I hope. My, but the cream and coffee at your place was good and I shall always remember your kindness in providing it.

Hoping to hear from you as soon as convenient, and with fraternal love and very best wishes, I am

Your fellow-student of the Way, 

(Sd.) Julian P. Johnson

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